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Old 2007-02-07, 13:07   Link #221
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Actually they did explain kinimaro's past they just didnt go all super emo with i, basically oro stated he was the last of a a war like tribe that basically killed itself by going crazy in a war. talked, about his power etc. Much of what happened in the anime was added. it was basically just oro describing what happened (no prison scene or flower and all that)

Anyhow naruto doesnt need to throw this jutsu for it to be deadly, still he needs to connect with it.
That needing to connect means that even if the sharingan cant see whats going on when it hits, they ll still be able to see naruto's tricks to make it land. As far as being able to throw it, i dont really see the point, its just as easy to dodge if not easier to dodge.

how he landed the blow does seem ehhh, but mostly he messed up, he should have stayed long range. For kazuku i think we got most the backstory we need, hidan is a different story. oh well lets see how it all pans out
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Old 2007-02-07, 13:08   Link #222
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Originally Posted by Syaoran View Post
My kyuubi brat is on the right track
He's laughing at the others now:

(5 minutes or something ... could be better)
-Aww, look at how happy he is. Such a deceiving smile Syaoran . We all know that behind that deceptive smile and laughter lies a monster ready to showcase his power to the world (and in case you are wondering, I am not referring to the Kyuubi at all). Oh, wait I forgot, he already proved his power, time and time again...
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Old 2007-02-07, 13:12   Link #223
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Originally Posted by Lady Rave View Post
Spoiler for Spoiler pic 341:
Much oblige, LR.

That'll hold me over til they release the whole chapter...
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Old 2007-02-07, 13:18   Link #224
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Originally Posted by Ichimaru View Post
Rasengan's gotta be more than half complete overall. I mean it's already strong enough to kill without wind chakra, then he adds the super destructive aspect. Pluss he's prolly adding more than a normal amount cuz of his insane chakra level. In terms of power I would be surprised if there's still a body left.
EX/ Water tower, Kabuto(w/regen), vs. Rasengan (which can peirce mountains)

This new rasengan should just anihilate. On a molecular level. If you think about how rasengan works it just muliplies the destructive power by using the physics of explosion. It did that much when it could fit in the palm of your hand, so imagine what it can do when it's bigger than your body. The results should be exponetial.
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Old 2007-02-07, 13:59   Link #225
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Originally Posted by Fukitsu Naruto View Post
what is everyone's fascination about Naruto's completed new jutsu becoming a long range attack about? Not that it's a bad idea but I really don't see the point in Naruto having a long range move.
The main reason is: diversification. Up 'til now, Naruto has used the same tricks over and over. And he already has the plain rasengan/oodama + thousand punch/kicks for close combat + 1000 years of pain . Hopefully, at 100% it can actually be thrown and directed (even if it's not the most original concept).

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Old 2007-02-07, 19:13   Link #226
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what's the newest thing in naruto? best birthday gift, what season?
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