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View Poll Results: Your favourite future hokage
Kakashi 29 38.16%
Gai 1 1.32%
Kurenai 1 1.32%
Yamato 3 3.95%
Neji 10 13.16%
Rock Lee 2 2.63%
Konohamaru 8 10.53%
One of the Rookie 8 (sasuke included, assuming he comes bak)) 11 14.47%
Others 11 14.47%
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Old 2007-02-14, 12:33   Link #61
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This thread is just a little under a month old, the forum rules had nothing that explicitly states at what point a topic is too old to post in but I just assume a month is the time they use since that's normally a forum standard. I was going to start a similar thread but I picked this one up in a search so I figure I'd join this current/former discussion rather than begin my own.

[Really just mentioning this so that people don't have a go at me for "bumping" an old post]

From what I've seen of Naruto, the Hokages have all been either: Trained by a former Hokage or Related to a former Hokage. The only exceptions have been the First and the Fourth, with the Fourth being trained by a Student of the Third. Under this logic, Kakashi and Konohamaru are the strongest candidates, Kakashi was trained by the 4th and Konohamaru is the grandson of the 3rd. Sakura and Shizune may also be candidates due to be being apprentices of the 5th. Jiraiya is also a strong candidate but by the time Tsunade steps down he'll probably be too old and has already declined the job anyway.

To all four of those candidates their strength comes into question, since a Hokage is supposed to be the strongest Ninja of his/her generation Shizune is most definitely out of the running since she was barely a match for Kabuto and most likely won't improve much further beyond her current capabilities.

Kakashi's strength has come into question a lot and was heavily touched upon in a previous thread, his over all chakra doesn't seem to be comparable to that of a Kage and he seems to be no match for some of the stronger villains in the series (Orochimaru and Itachi), however a lot of praise has been given to his ability. Naruto and Sasuke have also shown to be catching up to Kakashi's ability. As far as having the personality for it, Kakashi doesn't seem to have much enthusiasm and as others have mentioned, will probably do as Jiraiya done and decline the job.

Sakura, as of yet, doesn't appear to be strong enough. Both Naruto and Sasuke have improved leaps and bounds beyond her abilities. The amount of Chakra she controls is most likely not at Kage level (although she supposedly has perfect control over it). As far as personality is concerned, while she has been shown to be strong in some situations however she is mostly shown as weak, afraid, insecure and reliant on the strong people around her, definitely not the kind of personality traits you would want in a Hokage. However, she is young and ten years down the line all of those aspects could easily be changed, under Tsunade's guidance she could easily improve in all aspects regarding her abilities and as she matures those personality traits could easily change.

As for Konohamaru, he's WAY too young for us to tell and we've seen little to nothing of his abilities. As for his personality, he's behaved immaturely for much of the series (for obvious reasons) but has shown a few signs of maturity: learning to accept that he can only become Hokage through hard work, growing to accept that his grandfather had passed and acting strong during the invasion of Konoha to keep his friend's morale up. Give it a few years down the line and he might be a strong candidate.

Aside from those Naruto is an obvious choice, but there's no point in going to his possibilities since that would take forever. I would take Sasuke out of the running because of the betrayal and power-lust, the village may take him back and accept him but I don't think they'd ever want to put him in charge. Shikamaru has the intelligence but his laziness would lead me to believe that he'd turn the job down and he certainly doesn't look likely to ever be the "strongest Ninja" of the village.

Over-all it seems like a "new" Ninja is the most likely in the same way Tsunade came to be the Hokage, someone who doesn't hang out in the village anymore but still has some loyalty to it.

[All of this has been done on the basis of what's been revealed rather than what's been revealed in the Manga]

There, that's my opinion out of the way
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Old 2007-02-14, 20:37   Link #62
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nobody on that list shows enough current l33tness nor do any of them have a huge amount of upside to warrent them being labeled as a future hokage.
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