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View Poll Results: Is Naruto worthy of the Chuunin rank
Yes, atleast! 65 36.52%
Yes, but he (seriously) lacks knowlegde 63 35.39%
No, but i think it wont take too long till he becomes it 12 6.74%
No 13 7.30%
No, not at all. He should be glad to be a genin. 25 14.04%
Voters: 178. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
He's beaten a Kazekage in Gaara, a Jounin-level in Negi
Well, Gaara wasn't a Kazekage and Neji wasn't jounin level at the time. I'm sure both of them grew a lot more skilled over the ~2 years since their battles with Naruto though.

But I see your point regardless. And it's already proven that Naruto is chuunin level. I mean not directly, but IIRC, right before Sasuke went off to pursue Gaara after the chuunin exam got interrupted, one of the jounins told him that he was already chuunin level. So if Sasuke had already made chuunin level by that point, then he Naruto most definitely did as well. Hell, going strictly by his potential in battle alone, one might even say he's jounin material by now. So yeah, I do agree that Naruto should be booted up a rank or even two. But still, I find it to be both funny and badass to have a Genin that powerful remain a Genin. So if he stayed a Genin till the end of the series, I would'nt care. I mean most people in the series know by now that he's not Genin material anyways. IMO, he proved that to most of Konoha when he took down neji in front of everyone.
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Originally Posted by Rurik View Post
Well, Its a bit different, Yondaime created the Jutsu, Naruto was told what to do to, I'm not taking the merit away from Naruto in learning this Jutsu so fast, but there is a difference between creating and learning.
Unlike the whole Gaara thing I agree with you on this one . There is most definately a difference between creating and learning a jutsu. Not to take anything away from Naruto since it is still an extremely high level jutsu, but he did at least have something to go off of while learning it.

I'm not sure I can agree with everyones statements that just because Naruto has beaten high level ninja like Gaara and Neji he is considered their equal. A lot of his victories have come from the fact that he is a genin and they underestimate his abilities(happens all the time). Now that's not to say I don't think Naruto is worthy of chunin, I just happen to think so because his abilities and techniques are obviously at the level of every chunin we've seen. I also think he is quite capable as a leader. I think I stated it earlier but he is about the best person in the series at defending what he cares about(along with Rock Lee) and I think he would do perfectly fine defending and protecting his team. Heck, I'd take him as a team leader.

Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
And just because he's a Chunnin doesn't mean he has to have a group or be group leader...Tsunade pretty much groups who she wants together and I see no reason why Naruto couldn't be grouped with other Chunnins on mission where he isn't necessarily the group leader(atleast to start)...
I also agree with this statement. Just wanna add that isn't the reason chunin were doing team leader positions because of the shortage of ninja in the village after the battle anyways? That could easily be fixed over time, besides jonin often lead some chunin in B and low A rank missions right? Im sure naruto would have no trouble finding a place as chunin if they really don't want him to lead a team.

Now if only the people that decide rank would actually get a chance to see what Naruto is actually capable of...besides farting and digging holes. I mean we all know but do they?
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