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Originally Posted by Quarkboy
FanDubbing groups, on the other hand, have motivation that is more like that of cosplayers. They do it to, in some small way, to make themselves a part of the show that they love. And probably also for a bit of fame and respect (though that's rarely given).

One can definitely argue that fansubbing provides, in some respects, a replacement for professional subtitling. But trying to argue that the fandubbers are trying to replace professional dubs just doesn't fit with the motivation behind the groups.
What you say makes sense and I would guess your probably right in most cases, but I think without asking the dubbers themselves it's impossible to know for sure (are there any dubbers on this board?). As stated above many people are unhappy with the quality of american dubs (many cases rightfully so, but not all), but that doesn't mean that they don't want to hear it in english dialoge. They may just feel that people would like a chance to hear a well done dub of the series they love, before it gets licensed and butchered by an american company. As Rebochan stated above, the quality of some of the american groups have improved, and some (very rarely) may even be better than the original but many people may not be willing to give them another chance and assume they all still equally suck.

Originally Posted by gummybear
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