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View Poll Results: Best Fights in Naruto Anime ?
Sarutobi ( 3rd ) Vs I/II Hokages 19 15.32%
Lee Vs Gaara 40 32.26%
Naruto/Sasuke Vs Gaara 9 7.26%
Naruto Vs Neji 4 3.23%
Naruto Vs Kiba 0 0%
Kyuubi Kitsune ( Naruto ) Vs Sasuke 24 19.35%
Gaara/Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro 12 9.68%
Tsunade/Naruto/Jiraiya Vs Oro/Kabuto 3 2.42%
Sasuke Vs Oro 3 2.42%
Itachi Vs Kakashi/Asuma 10 8.06%
Voters: 124. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2007-02-09, 14:29   Link #61
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In the anime probably Naruto vs. Haku, short but powerful.
The black and white effect were very well done, the Demonic Mirrors slowly shattering behind Naruto in the background, Naruto's roar echoing with the music suddenly going silent, etc.
Everything was great, in fact this is probably the sole anime event that I find superior in everyway to its manga counterpart.
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Old 2007-02-22, 23:53   Link #62
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My favorite is Neji versus Kidoumaru. The anime's take on the fight was stylist magnificent. The way Neji moves is brilliant and seeing Kidoumaru push Neji to the limits of his ability was a tremendous sight. The fight was pure eye candy.
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Old 2007-02-23, 03:10   Link #63
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I always liked the Neji-Hinata fight, myself...although I think the Choji-Jirobo had the best ending.

Of the fights listed, I'd go with the Sannin battle...though I'm still annoyed that Kabuto didn't die.
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Old 2007-02-24, 03:40   Link #64
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Originally Posted by BlackShinobi07 View Post
Theres no doubt the Naruto and Sasuke fight was one of the best fights but it was also one sided. How many different times did Naruto have to tap into the kyuubi power to keep in the fight. Not saying it wasnt good, its one of my favorites as well, but Sasuke beat naruto about two different times by my count (when he peirced Naruto through the shoulder with chidori and when he pile drived narutos head into ground).
sasuke had to tap into his curse seal as well. so using kyuubi should make no difference.
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Old 2007-02-24, 04:58   Link #65
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Naruto (kyuubi) and Sasuke fights was awesome... I think IMO it is the main highlight of the 1st season...

also nice was Gaara X Rock Lee... using that monster speed is too great....specially when he opened the gate/s.....
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