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Old 2007-02-20, 16:19   Link #1
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japanese powermetal like and english bands too

ive ben a huge fan of Rhapsody for about 5 years now, also i listen to Blind Guardian a lot

but the thing is i find it hard to actually find artists who make the same genre of music, this is what im looking for

Rhapsody has a mix of havy guitar on a fast pace, symphonic sound sint he back with chorus and good vocals, mostly their songs involv like mythical things such as dragons etc. and their albums tell a story

Blind Guardian does the same except its less heavy and the album isnt a complete story together theyre lose stories as for Rhapsody is a book with chapters (= the songs)

i was wondering if there were any Japenese bands doing this genre, also id like to know if theres any just speed metal bands in Japan

and if anyone can inform me about more bands like Rhapsody and Blind Guardian from Europe / America, that sing English by that i mean

thanks in advance
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Old 2007-02-22, 20:48   Link #2
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I suggest Galneryus, its japanese power metal band, however they sing in english
(infact when i first heard one of their songs, i didnt even think it was actually japanese band. But hey, its japanese!)

And some other non-japanese band suggestions (You probably know most of these already though):

Avantasia: Amazing music, i can only say one thing: go listen to it if you havent yet!

Heavenly: Progressive powermetal from france, I suggest album "Dust to Dust"

Dionysus: Reminds a bit of rhapsody, i highly suggest album "Anima Mundi" (the song named Anima mundi especially!)

Lost Horizon: Yet another great power metal band, i like the vocals especially.

Luca Turilli: Oh yes, solo project of the rhapsody's guitarist. Very Rhapsodyish! At least the first album, later ones sound more or less unique.

Kamelot: Simply Amazing, Khan (the singer) has a great voice

Of course then there is Freedom call which you shouldnt miss either!

I think ill cut my list here! There are a lot more which i wont be listing here.
BUT i suggest, great resource for finding metal music (it can list bands/reviews by style and so on)


(PS. pfft, i just realized that i actually posted, shame on me!)
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Old 2007-02-25, 06:11   Link #3
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The only one i can think of is dragonforce though they are not japenese ... though they do use pacman noises in thier songs
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Old 2007-02-25, 14:25   Link #4
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You might want to try out Ayreon sometime. They're not a band, per se, but rather a single Dutch hippie named Arjen Lucassen who writes B-movie-style sci-fi rock operas, then steals people from other bands to perform them (including the vocalist from Rhapsody, on one album!). Their album "Into the Electric Castle" is probably my favorite of their works, featuring 8 different vocalists, each playing the role of a very stereotypical person ripped out of time and thrust into a new dimension, tasked with the challenge of finding his/her way back home. We're talking characters like The Hippie, The Futureman, The Barbarian, The Roman, The Egyptian, etc.

It's fun stuff, and well worth a listen. And each and every album sounds vastly different from the others, which makes Ayreon CDs a truly unique experience.


P.S. There's also a now-defunct American band you might want to consider, called Eternity-X. Their album "The Edge" is really quite interesting.
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