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Perfect 10 22 32.84%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 27 40.30%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 11 16.42%
7 out of 10 : Good 2 2.99%
6 out of 10 : Average 5 7.46%
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Old 2006-11-16, 01:02   Link #61
Join Date: Oct 2006
Isnt 大 big and 脳 brain, so big braain?
oh and btw, kfc is much cheaper, and delicious too but thats me
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Old 2006-11-16, 03:04   Link #62
Vallen Chaos Valiant
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Originally Posted by EragonJeriel View Post
Isnt 大 big and 脳 brain, so big braain?
Only if you think "Butterfly" is a fly coated with butter.

This is why on-line translations can't handle Asian languages well.
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Old 2006-11-16, 12:24   Link #63
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Thanks for the translation CronuZ, and welcome to posterhood (not welcome to the forum since as a lurker you're already familiar with it)! If it really does mean "it is thought", then.. well, that still sounds weird, but since no one else notices what I mean maybe I'm just crazy. (I agree that he must have found all that out through research, since they probably wouldn't fail to mention it overtly if the information existed elsewhere, but still, as a wording nut I remain unsettled, just a bit.)

kakekiri, good point about Euphemia (I put Yuffie because that's what gg initially subbed it as, bad habit I guess) mentioning Shinjuku. When I first noticed that line, since I was still thinking of her in context of the slap (that was an academy student? I didn't realize, I thought it was just an ordinary Japanese), my impression was: perhaps she has a sense of justice and idealism, but doesn't realize that she doesn't understand what it's like to live terribly and what the cause is, and her request of Suzaku was just so she could analyze the situation and make judgment herselfs, not her attempt to experience the lives of elevens; someone who has been sheltered like her could have been taught morality in theory and could out of pride perhaps believe themselves an expert on such matters who only needs to survey the situation to make an accurate judgment. But yeah that definitely may not be who she is, especially since her tone of voice is impressively sensitive as she asks him to show her that area, so it's excellent you prompted me to reexamine this. I'll review some of the details of her conversation with Suzaku a bit later, too, I think.

As for Suzaku's catch... that kind of situation is such a time-honored cliche that I don't think the writers imagined he wouldn't have caught her, though that's just my sense. Thank you, and I really hope I do like the next episode. In fact, I was thinking about it earlier and realized that it could be very probable that Suzaku will keep to himself at first, and only "truly" (that is, he could meet them, but he wouldn't initially become close to them) make friends slowly through circumstance (which is what seems ideal to me).

On the subject of speculation about the Geass, Lelouch should test its introspective power, as well. He could control strudents and ask them to answer questions such as, what concepts do you associate with a particular term, what do you think is your purpose in life, and most importantly, how do you feel and what do you think is occuring to you at the moment. If it permits a high degree of introspection, then he doesn't need to wait for that experiment to end, he can just control people such that they respond to certain codewords/events and also subtly convey to what degree they feel they are still under his control and willing to do his tasks, so he can detect when he is losing his hold over various sleeper agents. Of course he still needs to test its duration, but if he test the other, then every time he has to Geass someone for whatever reason, if he has the opportunity, he can also turn them into his puppet. Hmm, there's no way that his identity could be found by scientific examination of a person if that person is believed to be under his passive control, is there...? Actually there very well could be, so perhaps that would be risky. Although he could order them to no longer be under his control if he felt they were under suspicion. Anyway, if his comment about "reflection" is what we assume it to be, then he should test out Geass-by-mirror sometime soon, I'd think.
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Old 2006-11-16, 14:00   Link #64
Join Date: Aug 2004
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The person Euphemia slapped was a Britanian student complaining about his camera. The angry Japanese folks had already been driven off by Suzaku.

Anyway, I'm not sure what introspection has to do with what you're talking about (which sounds like hypnosis or something). Anyway, I'm under the impression that Geass is limited to a single order, and that's the only limit. On the other hand, this means he couldn't tell someone to "periodically make this signal" and "listen to me when I do this" and "do ____ (whatever task Lulu Geass'd the person for)" because that's three different orders. I guess he could order some random person to "join Zero's rebellion when Japan gains independence" or something generic like that, but in general it seems like he'd have to plan ahead in detail, and couldn't just make a bunch of generic puppets with no preset purpose.
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Old 2006-11-16, 14:41   Link #65
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
I see (on who Euphemia slapped).

Testing for introspection would verify if a person under the influence of Geass is capable of accurately knowing when they are becoming less influenced so that people programmed to be under Lelouch's control could indicate when they are close to breaking free of his control, if there's a limit, without any awkward situations.

The Geass does in fact seem very close to hypnosis, in that it produces a mental state in which the subject is (ordinarily) cooperative and doesn't initiate action (but of course, the Geass completely subjugates a person, so it's entirely unlike hypnosis fundamentally). Oh... wow, it's very clear now, but I'm dumb to not have realized before that the Geass has always been just one command, not one period of time during which a person can be influenced; thanks for pointing it out. But I don't see that the one order must be simple or concrete. Lelouch's order for Karen to answer his questions didn't specify the nature of those questions, and no doubt Jeremiah interpreted for himself what "with all your strength" meant. So, there's the "subjective" element there, and there's the "programming" element in what the girl with the stick is doing. And if there's a limit to how elaborate the order can be, then I think that dialing a specific phone at a specific time and play specific messages in specific order (Nanaly's maid) would show that it's broad limit. Also, I just took a look at episode 4 at 03:49, and there's a man who says, while under control, "All that's left is for me to erase the evidence and forget about everything, right?" so that must have been pretty complicated an order. All in all, I think that it's worth a shot for Lelouch to try what I described. By the way, we have very similar writing styles, Bahamut.
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Old 2006-12-01, 12:00   Link #66
Lost in my dreams...
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Age: 31
Finished ep5 ...and i have to say - lol. Wellcome to Kira v2.0 - Suzaku. And he even got himself a Lacus v2.0 - Euphemia. Up to this point it seems that Suzaku is going to annoy me till no bitter end, just like Kira did with goodie-two-shoes attitude. And he gets himself a Freedom v2.0 (lanceloth)Lets see if he will also get Lacus dust from Euphie...

Lulu is a pretty decent character - finaly some one who is not afraid to pull the trigger and actually can think instead of relying on imba hacks and zomgpower. I prefer the dark hero type over the champion of justice any day. And i do hope they have a good explaination why Suzaku entered the school. Now all we need is for CC to enlist as well and we will have some one from each faction under the same roof.

CC... lol, i liked how she marched in to Lulu's room and declared he is sleeping on the floor :P I hope they explain her story and her powers well instead of leaving her as some enigma plot device.

Mecha design is pretty ok... (reminds me of Wanzers from Front Mission(PS game) because of the way they move with their wheel-boots. Tho they are overusing the grappling hook things in battles too much - firing a gun in a direct battle is much more effective imo because im sure a bullet is faster.

Im not that fond of the character design... they are so skinny i can't help but think they would fall apart if exposed to stronger wind... seriously, is it a crime in CG universe to be > 40(35)kgs ?

Seems like pretty medicore series thus far, but it is keeping my interest so i will continue to watch it... if only for more over-the-top dramatic and theatrical Zero entrance in his count dracula outfit. That, and because i want to find out some more about CC.

On to ep6...
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Old 2006-12-06, 11:58   Link #67
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So I'm not the only one that has meowing conversations with my cat.
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Old 2006-12-17, 01:00   Link #68
Join Date: Jan 2006
Suzaku is the worst aspect so far - we need less of him. The good things are: Karen, Pizza Hut, and Lelouch. 6/10.
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Old 2007-01-16, 07:06   Link #69
Sawa-Chan <3 <3 <3
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Before the OP started, Cornelia had a conversation with her Men. Was she basically asking them to join her in going to area 11?.
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Old 2007-02-25, 15:24   Link #70
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Join Date: Jan 2004
I just started watching Code Geass recently, I was just a bit confused about the little segment before the OP was played.

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