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Old 2006-06-02, 11:27   Link #1
I am mowing clowns
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AMG Season 2, Episode 9 Discussion

Welcome to this week's Episode of Ah! My Goddess Season 2.

Thread Guidelines
  • No telling or asking for RAWs.
  • Try to keep manga spoilers out of the anime thread. If you need to in reply to someone with a reference to the manga, either PM them or use Spoiler tags (see example below).
  • Discuss your expectations of the episode if not aired.
  • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
  • Try to keep the discussion on topic and future episode spoilers out of the thread whenever possible.
Also remember that all the other series of AMG are licensed (first TV series, OVA, Movie, Mini-Goddess, and the manga) so no discussion about earlier fansubs or groups. Please use the Report button if you see any unmarked spoilers or other problems.

How to use Spoiler Tags

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[spoiler=Megami and Keiichi]Are sister and brother.... What, you already knew!!![/spoiler]

...will get you this...

Spoiler for Megami and Keiichi:
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Old 2006-06-02, 15:48   Link #2
Muir Woods
Disheartened and Retired
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Saw episode 09.
Spoiler for Comments on episode 09:

Last edited by Muir Woods; 2006-06-02 at 20:49.
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Old 2006-06-06, 17:48   Link #3
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Is She Coming Back To Earth After Going From Heaven????
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Old 2006-06-06, 17:53   Link #4
Keiichi-san! ^_^
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Originally Posted by mist2123
Is She Coming Back To Earth After Going From Heaven????
um..dude u posted that like 3-4 times. um, "IF" she does go to heaven she will come back. but there isnt anything in any of the episodes so far that say she's going back anytime soon
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Old 2006-06-30, 22:39   Link #5
Retired AOne Staff
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Several things I didn't notice before:

1. They changed Peorth's earings. The original length is suppose to be around breast level.

2. When Peorth dressed up for her date, you don't see any leather straps on the dress, which is her trademark. I kinda like the S&M clothing genre she had in the manga.

3. The results of the 3rd challenge was omitted in this episode. Boo...

But, otherwise a nice ep. The sappy scene was a bit much, but still, it was nice.
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Old 2006-07-04, 21:51   Link #6
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I enjoyed it.

Peorth reading manga shows that even she is a bit of a romantic at heart.

Her 'ear nibbling' scene with Keiichi while a puzzled Belldandy looks on was
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Old 2006-07-04, 22:59   Link #7
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one of the best eps i've seen i especially liked peorth
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Old 2007-02-26, 04:16   Link #8
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Cool man

Hey friends,I am a very new member of this message board... so I don't know where to begin... but when I saw this post i can't resist my self from making a post. I know that she isn't getting back to earth soon. But i can't stop my self to asking you that when she will be back to here on earth? And I really don't like the way Peorth dressed up. When he will change it again?
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