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[Manga] Kishis work comparison to Monkey Magic

Monkey magic goes from the title more known in asian culture as Journey to The West Story....and there are many adaptions...

Seems both stories have alot in common, and kishis work is loosely base dragonball which was loosely base on JTTW....

i do a comparison in characters and add on so on...with the adaption of tvbs work in the late 2000s which was very popular to the viewers.

Kyubi/Naruto Vs. Sun Wu Kong aka Monkey Magic

appeared in konoha caused havoc and destruction, then was sealed up by the strongest person at the time in the country hokage Yondaime. I believed it was a element seal, someone plz correct me on this which yondaime used. So in other words yondaime gave the demon a second chance in life being sealed inside naruto untill the time comes naruto fullfills his potential of whats inside of him. Naruto goes to academy and stuff...

Monkey Magic
born from a rock, cause havoc and destruction, the heavens sent the general Tian Peng Yuan Shuai (name of piggy b4 he was renamed to zhu ba jie aka piggy) to go kill the beast, eventually he didnt do his job, only manage to chopped of the monkeys tail and eventually returned to the real size of a monkey. Tai Bai Jin Xing; God of Venus appeared and ask the general to spare the monkeys life. The monkey returned to his mountain to later on wanted to searched for immortality, wanted to learn martial arts and magic/sorcery. Yeh he found an immortal and went to school and was trained. He returned home to his mountain and cheered upon by the many monkeys and other spirits went to congratulate him. God of heaven, feared of what was happening down on earth and gave the monkey a post in heaven. It was a crap position (lookin after horses and gardening), so one night while everyone was at party and one of his shifts was to look after teh queens garden of peaches which was forbidden for any immortal to consume as it which grant them immortality or lengthen there life expectancy, the monkey ate them all and a few manage to drop down on earth which led to an increase in evil spirits and spirits population. Eventually he was punished, but they couldnt kill him, he felt the injustice so he went back to earth. The other demons/spirits sided with him and gave him a new title 'Great Sage equal to Heaven' and the God of heaven started to start a war on him due to the fear of a backlash in the future. Monkey went to heaven and took on everyone as no one was no match for him, untill Jaded Buddha appeared and sealed him in the mountain of 5 elements for 500yrs.

We all know whats narutos abilities are, here is a list of Monkeys magic power/Abilities:
Magical Powers

(1) 72 Transformation (72 Bian)

Allows him to transform himself into anything and anyone. Wu Kong uses it a lot, in all imaginable ways! (body replacement jutsu)

Variation 1

He can change all of his hairs into any object, person or animal. After use, he can change them back to hairs.

Variation 2: Body Outside of Body Spell (Shen Wai Shen Fa)

He can amass an army in a few seconds by changing tufts of his hair into monkeys who are capable of fighting. (TKB)

Variation 3

Allows him to transform one object into another object by chanting a spell and spitting blood on the object. In the case of changing an object into people, he completes the illusion by giving the fakes very simple abilities of speech and movement.

Variation 4

He can multiply his head and hands so that he has three heads and six arms. He also multiplies his magic rod so that he can use three rods at the same time. This is very useful in fighting off crowds of enemies. (similar to narutos shuriken new jutsu after times kip)

Variation 5

He can transform a hair into a fake Wu Kong, freeing his true self to go elsewhere. (narutos new trainin with yamato and kakashi)

Variation 6

He can change his single magic rod into thousands of them which can be used for attacking multiple enemies. (mass clones shuriken technique seen)

 (2) Somersault Cloud (Jin Dou Yun)

Allows him to fly over a distance of 108000 li in one somersault. (possibly hiraishin)
Note: Thanks to a reader (J.N.) who commented, we can now ascertain that one li roughly equals 0.5 km.

Japanese pronounciation:
Jin Dou Yun - Kintouun
For how long a li really is in this context, I can't find an exact
answer either. How long a li is changed through time in the
Chinese history. Today, one li is exactly 0.5km. And according
to (in Chinese),
it was either 0.8316 / 2 = 0.4158km or 1.152/2 = 0.576km.
 Therefore, 108000 li roughly equals 54000km.

(3) Body Freezing Spell

This is one of Wu Kong's most important powers, the body freezing spell. With a single syllable and a point of his finger, he can magically freeze anyone into immobility. I've never seen him use this on his enemies though, you know, the big bad demon bosses and all that, but he does use it frequently on the minor demons, so I surmise that this spell is only effective on people with weak magical powers.

 (4) Water Avoidance Charm (Bi Shui Jue)

Allows him to survive in deep waters. A major drawback is that he can't fight while using this charm.

 (5) Fire Avoidance Charm (Bi Huo Jue)

Allows him to go through fire unharmed. This charm doesn't have the Water Avoidance Charm's drawback.

 (6) Wind

He can induce very strong winds and windstorms.

 (7) Lock-Breaking Spell (Jie Suo Fa)

With a point from his finger or magic rod, all locks will open automatically.

 (8) Summoning

He can summon the local gods of any place he goes, that is the Earth Gods, Mountain Gods, River Gods, and the like.

 (9) Protective Circle

He can build a protective, albeit invisible wall by drawing a circle on the ground with his magic rod. Anyone staying inside the circle will be safe from harm as long as they don't go out. The one time he used it, San Zang was stupid enough to listen to Ba Jie and ignore Wu Kong's instructions and ended up being captured by a demon.


(1) Fiery Golden Eyes (Huo Yan Jin Jing) (similar to sharigan and byuyakun)

When he was burnt in Lao Zi's furnace for 49 days, he sat in a place where there was only smoke, but no fire. Thus he managed to survive the burning, but his eyes were smoked into Fiery Golden Eyes. This enables him to see as far as a thousand li in the day and five, six hundred li at night. Furthermore, he can see through any disguise, illusion, or transformation.

 (2) Fighting

He possesses supernatural strength, so much that he feels that only a 8100kg metal rod is suitable for him. This strength and his natural agility gives him an edge in fights. He is efficient in unarmed combat and using various kinds of weapons, though his favored weapon is his magic rod.

 (3) Immortality and Invincibility

Wu Kong is immortal. Not only that, his 72 Transformations gives him 72 extra lives. Because he stole and ate peaches and golden pills of immortality, his body can be invulnerable to all attacks. He likes to intimidate others with this ability. He'll just bare his neck and dare you to attack him. And if you do, it's just like attacking a mountain of rock - the weapon just bounces off. He can cut open his stomach, take out his intestines, and put them back again. If his head is cut off, he can reattach it or just grow it back again, without even the hint of a scar. He can bathe in a pot of boiling oil as if it was just a hot spring. ^_^ How cool is that?

 (4) Knowledge and Intelligence

From the looks of it, Wu Kong studied very hard at school, uh, I mean at Pu Ti Zu Shi's cave. He knows a lot about anything related to magic - like the energy change in moon phases, types of demon influence, Yin and Yang, the five elements (wu xing), the eight symbols (ba gua), etc. etc. He is also a very clever guy - always thinking up different ways to trick and defeat other demons.

 (5) Horses

Don't forget that Wu Kong was once the Bi Ma Wen. The glorified stable boy of Heaven. >D He excels at taking care of horses and most horses obey him instinctively.

 (6) Healing and Medicine

Wu Kong is a skilled doctor as he studied traditional medicine with his first master. Regretfully, he only utilizes this ability on one occasion to diagnose and cure an emperor's sickness.


yashas theory of origin of uchiha also appears in JTTW.

So far if naruto can live to that, naruto > any fuckn god besides buddha want to take him on

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