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Old 2007-03-03, 22:22   Link #1
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Visual Novels

Yeah, me again, just looking for some really good novels to pass the time. Just tell me the name and if there's anything required like a disc(Tsukihime and stuff) or is it free like Narcissu.

Stuff I'm looking for
-Like the ones I've read
-Ero preferred
-Anything in English, or there is a translation patch in the midst out there

Seen/Read so far

Red Shift
Shuffle!(Is there a translation patch, because I only have the disc and I don't read Japanese)
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Old 2007-03-03, 22:30   Link #2
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Crescendo is probably the one I enjoyed the most.
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Old 2007-03-04, 20:07   Link #3
I'm a Senior Member!
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: The Bronx
Age: 25
Okay, thanks ^_^.
While I'm waiting to get Crescendo, I'll try out some demos.

Edit-(Wow, thank you so much, Crescendo so far is really interesting xD)

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Old 2007-03-07, 06:08   Link #4
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A must play. The story is so good I believe it can be animated and the music rocks. And its only 7MB

I loved Narcissu as well, but really Collage is the best doujin I played so far.

Some more doujins I enjoyed:

Red Shift
A Midsummer Day's Resonance (enjoyable overall, but lesbian theme alert)
The World to Reverse (Contains 2 games)
Night of the Forget-Me-Nots (horror)

The rest dont really hit the spot.. I gonna try The Noose next coz horror visual novels impress me.
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Old 2007-03-07, 07:03   Link #5
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Kana Little Sister, Ever 17 (non-H), Hourglass of Summer (non-H), Figures of Happiness are some games that I would recommend. Cresecendo too, but shinobiknight0 already recommended that. As for kinetic novels make sure to take a look at Planetarian (story created from the same people as AIR, Kanon and Clannad, non-H). The rest has been recommended already...
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