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Old 2004-01-29, 04:54   Link #1
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Question Sou Nanda & FMP

Hiya, I'm new here.

I did a search, but I couldn't find any threads on either of these, so I'll ask you guys about it...

1.) Does anybody know anything about how to find the ED from Sou Nanda, 'Umi to Tsuki no Hikari' I believe it's called? If I read right it's by the "Newman Company Limited." Hated the show, loved the ED theme, go fig... but I can't find it *anywhere*. u_u Doesn't help that it has such common words in it...~sigh~

2.) Who sings the OP/ED to Full Metal Panic and I believe Fumoffu as well? I'm pretty sure it's the same voice actress as Chidori in the series, but I'm not sure. And I can't really read Japanese, so I'm somewhat at a loss. She has a *beautiful* voice... but my stupid MP3s don't have any info on who's behind the lovely voice...

If anybody could help me out with either of those I'd be grateful.
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Old 2004-01-29, 05:48   Link #2
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I have no idea for 1) but for 2), Mikuni Shimokawa sings the OP & ED to both FMP and it's sequel. Chidori's seiyuu isn't Mikuni Shimokawa but Satsuki Yukino.

Note: welcome to the boards
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Old 2004-01-30, 00:45   Link #3
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This is what you're looking for, for Sou Nanda! It's a LabelGate2 copy protected CD though, which means if you want to play it in a computer you need a special key code to play it. Unfortunately, that is not available to people outside of Japan. It still works in a regular CD player though.
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Old 2004-01-30, 23:20   Link #4
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I'm also looking for Full Metal Panic Fumoffu OST, but I don't have a paypal account. Is anyone from Singapore here? I'm actually hoping to find the CD in HMV or Tower Records (but I think it's almost impossible). I dunno much about finding Anime OSTs, so any help wld be appreciated. I saw the websites selling anime OSTs, but must pay through internet.
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