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Make your own anime!

I'm not sure if this is in the right place. But if you think it is, then feel free to move it. Has anyone ever wanted to create their own anime/manga when they were older? I do. Here are some projects I've made on this website called . Here they are.

1. Cross Between The Past and Present (Crossover for short) - Back in the Heian Era, a special ritual/war called the Onmyouji Project was scheduled to break down the wall that divides the mortal world and the spirit world. It was decided that spirits and humans should co-exist in peace. However, just as the project was about to be started, the evil Onmyouji, Kamo no Yasunori, unleashed catastrophic power between the two worlds, obliterating every single Onmyouji on earth! That was about to change 1,000 years later when two boys, Kouta and Tomo Yamasaki meet Yasuya Abeno, a young girl whom they find in a temple. A few days later, it turns out she's the created descendant of Abe no Seimei. Also the first female Onmyouji EVER born in 1,000 years. Things change when Kouta's family and friends start to get involved in the Onmyouji Project, along with three other descendants named Yoriko Minamoto, Kiyoshi Taira and Michiru Fujiwara. Join the gang as they prepare for the battle against the reborn Kamo no Yasunori which also means going through alot of school troubles and doing random but cute and funny things.

2. Winged Cinderella - Ever since her mother's death after birth, young Mihane Hyuuga's affluent and powerful family considers her bad luck. Life for her doesn't get easier when her father remarries. One day, after a terrible beating by her stepmother, Mihane runs away but meets a good-looking boy named Sachirou Tsukimori who agrees in taking her and her new stepsister in. Not long until Mihane learns that she descends from a long line of winged beings and it seems she, Sachirou and her new stepmother, Kano Hiiragi, seem to be connected to this legend of the war between the white winged and the black winged. Mihane and the Tsukimori family are of the white winged clan while Kano is of the black winged clan. But that doesn't stop Mihane for earning what she really yearns for--the love and understanding of her family.

3. Cherry Blossom (changed title again) - Ryuuzaki Takuya is a normal high school freshman who doesn't take his studies seriously, always late for class, he's seen as a delinquent by the rest of his classmates. Needless to say, he doesn't have many close friends. Takuya does not seem to mind these things--until on his first day of high school, a day after he moved into town, he meets a girl, Shirayuki Misono, who is alone in the school on her first day because she didn't want to go to the same school as her sister. What a weird girl, he thinks at first. But he just can't seem to leave her alone and so, while helping her, he meets a few other girls in the school (and one who doesn't go to his school). At first, he doesn't care much about them but he soon opens his heart to them as they get to know each other better--especially Misono who Takuya seems to remember back when he used to live in the town as a young child.

4. The Catalyst's Rebellion - Catalysts, artificially and scientifically created humans created with the combination of the three cells Alpha 10, Beta 88 and Delta 32. The number of born humans had been dropping since 30 years, so an unknown planet combined three cells to create new versions of humans. Scientists here in 2035 are continuing this process....however, there is a dark side to this process. An unknown cell called Omega 101 is said to contaminate one of the cells and be the new destruction of all mankind. One day, a husband-less mother named Chiaki, who lost two boys already due to death and punishment, finds a small boy named Tajin covered in trash on the streets. Chiaki decides to take care of him. But, Tajin is the possessor of the Omega 101 gene (which is the eye on his stomach) and in the future, the destruction of mankind. Chiaki learns about this but puts her whole heart into protecting and caring for Tajin. The two must go through life together now...if it doesn't mean for Chiaki losing another child in the process.

What do you think. Three of these are on my fictionpress account. Here's the link.

If you wanna share an anime/manga that you made up, feel free to do so here! Oh! Like I said before, if this is in the wrong place, then feel free to move it. Sorry.
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