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Old 2004-01-31, 12:33   Link #1
The Man, The Legend......
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Thumbs down Wolf's Rain OST 2

Has anyone else listened to this yet? I'll admit that it's better than the first one since "Gravity" was the only song I liked on the first, but it's still a big let down. "heaven's not enough" is the best song IMO, and there are a few others that could grow on me if I listen to them enough. My biggest disapointment with both the first and second soundtrack is that they lack what IMO was the best song of the series, in the fist episode when you first see Cheza and next you see Kiba limping along and is attacked my the hunter, it's playing what im pretty sure is "heaven's not enough" only it's in Japanese and sang by a girl. I'm really annoyed because that song is the only reason I bother with the Wolf's rain soundtrack at all.

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ps. hey FinFangFoom, can you change that pic of yours in the sig because when ever I read threads that have your message post in it would make people around me think I am watching gay porn, make it smaller or something
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lol yeah i was thinking the same thing
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Chiaki Nozomi
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I actually liked the soundtrack. (I haven't watched Wolf's Rain because I'm waiting for the US release...) I'm a Yoko Kanno fangirl (actually, an instrumental fangirl) and I enjoyed it, aside from the pop/techno sounding songs. I abhore techno unless I'm either in a club or playing DDR. Instead of Steve Conte, I wish they would get Josh Groban to sing a couple of songs. His voice is rather deep, but I think it would fit nicely with Kanno-sensei's musings, especially if he sings in latin or another foreign language. The soundtrack has enough variety to keep me interested to the end, although I did hit forward on the slower songs. It's not Kanno's best work, but its solid, IMHO.
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