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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite character(s)
L 127 54.04%
Yagami Light 117 49.79%
Amane Misa 60 25.53%
Ryuk 57 24.26%
Jealous 4 1.70%
Watari 4 1.70%
Rem 19 8.09%
Penber Raye 9 3.83%
Misora Naomi 20 8.51%
Yagami Soichiro 7 2.98%
Matsuda Tota 9 3.83%
Yagami Sayu 10 4.26%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 235. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2007-02-22, 21:43   Link #41
Zetsubo-sensei daaaaaa !!
Join Date: Dec 2005
Ryűk and L for me... Death Note is really not Death Note without the "apple vacum shinigami". L is an enjoyable character, too...
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Old 2007-03-04, 07:13   Link #42
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
kira-beliver all the way
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Old 2007-03-09, 08:25   Link #43
dAydream slAcker
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Singapore~ my island in the sun!!
Send a message via MSN to kriez
light's sieryuu happens to be rather good-looking in person man! somebody posted their pic in some other part of the forum..~ and L was once inuyasha's voice in the movies, hee~
kriez is offline  
Old 2007-03-16, 19:29   Link #44
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Canada
Age: 28
I voted for Light only because I think he was doing the right thing using the Death Note and I know I'd use it too if I found one.

Originally Posted by monir View Post
L: Why do we see such a character who is seemingly so similar to Light in many ways, and yet, we don't get even a glimpse of how his mind works, how he thinks? My own humble observation is that he is above and beyond the common thought process. Yes, compare to him, even Light's thought process is nothing extraordinary. His character is just as unapproachable to the author of Death Note and engimatic, just as much as to its audience, or at least, that is the intended impression conveyed in my opinion. He is the Poirot, and the Holmes of this show!
Maybe the reason L appears like that is because he gives all possibilities/solutions a chance, whereas other people wouldn't. An example of what I mean is when L deduced that Kira could kill without ever touching the person in any way, whereas anybody else would immediately dismiss this possibility, and insist that Kira must be killing with some sort of chemical or something to that effect. Does that make sense?

Also, I'd like to ask a question: Light's real name is "Raito" isn't it? So is "Light" just the way its pronounced or a nickname?
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Old 2007-03-16, 20:11   Link #45
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: NYC
Originally Posted by Keirn View Post

Also, I'd like to ask a question: Light's real name is "Raito" isn't it? So is "Light" just the way its pronounced or a nickname?
His name is pronounced "Raito". However, the reason it's "Raito" is simply because that is how the Japanese pronounce the name "Light." So Light is his actual name. It's the name the mangaka intended him to have. Spelling it Raito is fine though because that's the way it actually sounds. I prefer to spell it "Light" though.
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Old 2007-03-18, 10:02   Link #46
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
Actually, I was torn between Light and L...

Then L provides more comedy than Light and so...
shiro83 is offline  
Old 2007-03-18, 15:07   Link #47
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Britain
Light, Misa and Ryuk, kind of annoyed i havn't seen Ryuk in a while
awesom-o-4000 is offline  
Old 2007-03-18, 16:13   Link #48
Luna at your Service!
Join Date: Jan 2007
i believe it is a tie for me...between ryuk and L

Ryuk - he's totally awesome and random while still watching in amusement munching on an apple

L - he's crazy but brilliant and is always so calm n mellow so that only Light knows what's going on most of the time, plus he makes me feel better when he eats all that junk, could he be a diabetic?
lilcutee088 is offline  
Old 2007-03-18, 17:33   Link #49
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Belgium
Age: 29
L is the coolest character in the whole anime history imo ^^
Shiori-chan is offline  
Old 2007-03-22, 22:47   Link #50
Join Date: Mar 2007
Age: 27
Ryuk ftw. he's so awsome i eat apples all the time now just cause of him. we seriously need to see more of him in death note
maymay is offline  
Old 2007-03-24, 12:45   Link #51
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
2.Yagami Light
3.Amane Misa
MisaMisa is offline  
Old 2007-03-30, 01:10   Link #52
Samurai Edge
Swords and Sabres
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Singapore
I voted for L and Light. They are clever, and it's interesting to see them fight against each other. IMO without either one of them, the whole storyline seems meaningless.
Samurai Edge is offline  
Old 2007-03-31, 17:58   Link #53
Desu Desu Desu!!!
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Texas
Age: 35
Send a message via AIM to darkjester Send a message via MSN to darkjester Send a message via Yahoo to darkjester

he's da man... or.. da shinigami...

he's the "Jester" of the series... oh yea.... srsly, his personality reminds me so much of my own... in so many ways...

and i LOVE apples.... mmmm

*gives an apple to everybody in this thread.... remember, they're "Juicy" or as Ryuk woulds say.... "Juuuuw-Sheeee"
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Old 2007-04-02, 06:04   Link #54
Aeriths Spirit
Silver Hair Pouncer
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Bellevue,WA
Age: 32
Send a message via AIM to Aeriths Spirit
My vote went to L and Rem.

L because he's adorbale. =3 Also very intelligent and I like that. =)

Rem because she is caring and protective of Misa. I want a shinigami like her. =D
Aeriths Spirit is offline  
Old 2007-04-03, 09:51   Link #55
itansha bishoujo
Join Date: Mar 2007
definiteLy........ L.
Lacrimosae is offline  
Old 2007-04-03, 22:44   Link #56
Join Date: Dec 2005
Light is just too fucking badass.
CrYsYs is offline  
Old 2007-04-04, 08:49   Link #57
Light Yagami
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Lima - Peru
Light: I think he's a genius.

Misa-Misa: Misa rlz!! She's so nice.

L: The best KIRA rival. And I like to eat cakes and drink something with a lot of sugar, like him.
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Old 2007-04-06, 19:25   Link #58
You'd be dead Yagami-san
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Imperial Hotel
Send a message via AIM to Hakuryuu Send a message via MSN to Hakuryuu
L wins at life.

For my second choice, it's Light all the way.
Hakuryuu is offline  
Old 2007-04-08, 11:18   Link #59
Anime Overload
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Light is just so smart and evil, if I didnt vote for him, he would put me in his Death Note!
Anime Overload is offline  
Old 2007-04-09, 12:03   Link #60
Kira's Faithful Follower
Join Date: Apr 2007
Age: 27
My faves are

Light Yagami - I could go into my whole why-I-support-Kira rant, but last time I did that, I typed, like, four paragraphs, so I'll just shorten it down to the fact that he is amazingly intelligent and I believe that what he is doing is 100% just.

L - C'mon. He's L. Who DOESN'T like L?

Misa Amane - She's so tragic. I tend to like the tragic characters. She's got an adorable personality, too. She came off a little annoying at first, but she quickly grew on me.

One question, though; Is this poll only for the first arc? 'Cause I like how you can vote for characters like Gelus and Sayu, but not Mello. Or Near, for that matter, but I don't care about him XD
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