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Demon Eyes
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FanFiction[Yuri] - Suzumiya Yuki

Hi there.

Though it's highly unlikely, in case anyone here hasn't read my silly fics, I want to post them. If you have any comments, I will take them all and improve on my works.

Here are the series I am working on.

1. Fate/Stay Night Zero

- Fandom: Fate/Stay Night

- Pairings: Saber/Rin, DarkSaber/Sakura(Dark), Rider/Caster and probably Archer/Shirou

- Info: Currently on Ch XII


1. Chapter I
2. CHapter II
3. Chapter III
4. Chapter IV
5. Chapter V
6. Chapter VI
7. Chapter VII
8. Chapter VIII
9. Chapter IX
10. Chapter X
11. Chapter XI
12. Chapter XII

.................................................. .......

2. Melty Blood heARTS

- Fandom: Melty Blood reACt/Tsukihime

- Pairings: Arcueid/Ciel, Kohaku/Hisui, Satsuki/Sion, Warcueid/White Ren, And maybe a Shiki/Ren/Akiha...

- Info: Currently on Ch VII


1. Act I
2. Act II
3. Act III
4. Act IV
5. Act V
6. Act VI
7. Act VII

.................................................. .......

3. Suzumiya Yuki

- Fandom: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

- Pairings: Haruhi/Yuki, Mikuru/Tsuruya, Kyon/Koizumi and some Kyon/Mikuru as usual.

- Info: I have just finished adding Chapter VII. This fic till needs a beta.


1. The Plan
2. The Kiss
3. The Festival
4. The First Encounter?!
5. The Truth
6. Feelings
7. Disappearence Of Nagato Yuki

N.B - I will be changing the title of the thread according to the title of the story updated. Like now, I have just updated Suzumiya Yuki hence the thread title. And once again I repeat...Need beta for Suzumiya Yuki and Gamma for all stories.

Thank you.

Remember, opinions are welcome.
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