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CCCP IRC channel moved!

Hello all, checkers the CCCP staff member* here with a NoSanninWa sanctioned update.
The CCCP is moving IRC servers to Rizon!
#cccp on

Less important stuff:
  • Please update any bookmarks, forum stickies, irc-bot !help commands, etc etc so we can get this move done as painlessly as possible.
  • Group representatives need to make some noise if they want their prefixes back, we can't get the old access list from Chatsociety.
  • Everyone else is, as always, welcome. Unless you're timecop.
*apparently my promotion involves a frock. I'm not asking.

In case you missed what we are, the CCCP stands for the Combined Community Codec Pack. It's a codec pack that has been designed with three principles in mind:
  • To decode formats in use by the anime fansubbing scene (which encompasses the vast majority of all videos around),
  • To combine multiple components into a single, cohesive, well functioning whole, and finally,
  • To provide this in a simple to use package that anyone on Windows can install and use.
Since the first release some time in early July 2005, we have continued to update and generally improve the CCCP as well as our associated troubleshooting utility, the CCCP Insurgent. We are both supported and endorsed by many major anime fansubbing groups, which gives us a nice feeling inside . We provide support for people with playback problems on our forums and in the IRC channel, which are both also places for CCCP related discussion. As with any IRC channel, #cccp is often the place of off topic rambling.
Anyway, if this long winded CCCP advert hasn't converted you, or you want more info... that's what our forums and IRC are there for!

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