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Old 2007-03-28, 21:30   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Fukitsu Naruto View Post
-What I want to know is why did the Kyuubi stop interacting with Naruto ever since that occured? You would think that when someone enters your mind and has a chat with an ancient demon which you cannot seem to follow you would have a plethora of questions to ask. And yet we have received nothing of the sort.
it would be cool to see Kyubi as naruto's trainer or teacher. altough it would be similar to ichigo learning from zengetsu. I would not mind kishimoto copying bleach on this part. it would be so cool. who else can teach how to control kyubi chakra better than kyubi (even though he would never tell naruto how to control him)

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Old 2007-03-29, 02:28   Link #22
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Kyuby wont teach Naruto nothing willingly. He'll always ask for the price ofve his release wich i am sure Naruto will never do. So Kyuby is left with acting only when it serves him to keep Naruto alive in order to keep him self alive. In essence kyuby could only be trust worthy under life or death circumstances.
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Old 2007-03-29, 05:43   Link #23
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you do know the next time whether itachi/sasuke enters narutos mind, kyubi would tell them to stfu and gtfo; im using wall hax you cant see me....
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Old 2007-03-29, 10:27   Link #24
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dude......... thats not only Sasuke here....... itachi didn't really had any need to explore naruto with his sharingan coz he knew that 9 tails was inside hm while in sasuke's case.. the fight he had with naruto at the valley of end. he wanted to find out the source of it and so when he saw naruto standing still he started exploring naruto and what he found was......kyuubi uncle.........
then both of them had a father son chat but son was too angry on his father that he just surpressed his father's chakra........... just joking
and you know he didn't really surpressed all of the nine tails chakra.......... he just surpressed the chakra he was using at that time........... can say less then a half of his original strength...........
so don't get confused
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Originally Posted by Fukitsu Naruto View Post
-No there was that other time, during his fight with Sasuke at the Valley of the End (although Naruto was unconscious at the time).
That too was a time when Kyuubi made the contact. In these exchanges Naruto temporarily loses conciousness and the Kyuubi chakra seeps through, transforming his appearance. That is when the interaction begins.

Jiraiya taught him to sense Kyuubi's presence which triggered the dream world. That's why Kyuubi said "this time you came to me".

That's the thing though, the Kyuubi knows a lot of things that human beings have either missed or forgotten. If he truly wishes to live (which entails keeping Naruto alive as well) don't you think he could impart some knowledge that could come in handy. After all, Yamato's surpression only prevents Kyuubi's chakra but not his voice. But yeah I suppose we can only ponder since Kishimoto hasn't given us an answer.
The thing is Kyuubi wants moments where Naruto is in danger. He lends him his strength because he wants to weaken the seal.

With that in mind there is no reason why he would give him advice. That would aid Naruto in being able to help himself. Kyuubi's agenda is to make Naruto dependent on his chakra to get out of situations so that he can break free of the seal.

Apparently Naruto can physically grab that seal in the alternate dimension and that would release Kyuubi completely. He tried to persuade him to do this prior to the intervention of Sasuke.
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