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Old 2007-03-23, 01:42   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Looking for a anime like this.

I'm looking for a anime that is sorta similar to Full metal panic. Doesn't need to involve mechas but i liked how there was romance and comedy with action in it. I liked how the two main characters liked each other but didn't show their true feelings right away but are opening up over time. If someone could help me out i would really appreciate it.

The closest one i can think of is Love Hina but i've already seen it.
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Old 2007-03-23, 02:23   Link #2
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Age: 31
Gunparade March - another mecha with some romance. the girl is really cold at first
Ranma 1/2 (the last 143 episodes anidb is stupid and split the series in their database) - romance/action comedy. Ranma and Akane will not admit they like each other
Card Captor Sakura - they start out as rivals and the relationship slowly develops
Inuyasha - lots of shounen action and some comedy. The relationship between the two main characters is slow developing (be warned that the anime doesn't really finish, they ended it when it caught up to the manga I believe. I enjoyed it, though some of the fighting got tedious)
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Old 2007-03-23, 03:18   Link #3
Lost in my dreams...
Join Date: Jun 2006
Age: 31
Zero no Tsukaima
Erementar Gerad
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Old 2007-03-23, 05:50   Link #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
subdued romance?....
Chrno Crusade
Eureka 7
Fate/Stay Night
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Old 2007-03-23, 06:17   Link #5
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Tonagura -- romance/comedy but no action. The girl won't admit 'til the last epi.
sousei no aquarion -- mecha
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Old 2007-03-24, 06:39   Link #6
Join Date: Mar 2007
Seikai saga:

Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou)
Banner of the Stars I (Seikai no Senki I)
Banner of the Stars II (Seikai no Senki II)
Banner of the Stars III (Seikai no Senki III)

In the future there's a galactic war between Abh and the rest of humanity. Our protagonists are Lamhirh (or Lafiel) -- a member of Abh empire royal family, and Ghintec (or Jint) -- a lander from planet Martin (whose population hated Abh).

They're both lonely. Everyone knew Lamhirh as a princess. Ghintec was exiled from his planet, was labeled traitor and supporter of Abh.

Two lonely souls met and became friends. Two friends depended on each other in their struggle as officers of Abh Space Forces. Where deaths were daily occurances. In time their feeling for each other grew.

I'm starting to sound like seikai-mania.
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Old 2007-03-24, 11:24   Link #7
Saber's Husband XD
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Shakugan no Shana ~ not too much comedy but it's nice....
Rozen Maiden ~ not too much romance but the action + some nice comedic scenes..
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Old 2007-03-31, 00:25   Link #8
cheez rocks
Junior Otaku
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Location: Maihama Server
Try Busou Renkin (I highly recommend it) and Mai Otome if you liked hime; it's not as good as the original, but still not bad. I would try Zegapain as well if you like to think about your anime a bit.
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Old 2007-04-12, 01:08   Link #9
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Thanks everyone for your posts, it really helped me out a lot. I've watched most of the ones suggested so far and they seem really good if there are anymore anyone has in mind please help me out that would be awesome .
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Old 2007-04-12, 16:56   Link #10
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Join Date: Nov 2003
i would strongly mirror the Gunparade March recommendation.

in addition, i felt that Jinki: Extend was very very similar to FMP in a lot of ways -- but (on a personal note) didn't end up enjoying this one too much.
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