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Old 2004-02-05, 06:20   Link #1
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A kind of sketch I did for the house banner design thing...

This isn't like the REAL design, just a sketch of part of it really. For once my scanner was NOT a bitch, so it looks a load better than my tablet sketches.

Once again, it's a sketch AND, the colours are also only just to give a idea of colour scheme for the other people in my House. So obviously the colouring's a 5-minute job

But would you guys like to see a properly outlined and coloured version of this? Pretty pointless and stupid question really, but...

It's also a little rarer to see Indians drawn anime-style. IF that looks like an Indian to you.

Anyway I dunno if this forum lets youa ttach images so.. meh, I can't seem to find it so screw it. It's on brinkster and if it doesn't load tough luck.

I was going to crop all the little notes and all of that shit off, but I'm TOO LAZY TO. HA.

And just to add the element of "omg it sucks actually because of some external factor, not because I suck", I did the outline at 12 am on Tuesday after a really long day of school and activities, and then did the colouring around 11 pm on Wednesday (dunno why). Smart, eh?

P.S. If you've seen this image before, OMG. O_x;;!!! You have to tell me NOW.

P.P.S. I was smart enough not to include the URL the first time.
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