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Problem with Making Screen Caps from DVDs

I just got a new computer and unfortunately everything I did with screen capping DVDs that worked for me before no longer works now. After performing several Google searches nothing helped so I'm at a complete lost right now.

I have BSplayer and I know it works very well for taking screen caps and it use to work with my DVDs (back on my old laptop which had crashed recently and not because of the screen capping, I might add) but when I tried to use it to play DVD files on my new computer the video came out as static. I don't understand why something that had worked perfectly well before now won't play anything. I'm not a computer person but is it because of my computer? Could it be because of some upgrades or something that it doesn't work the same way as my old laptop did?

Anyways, so I tried Media Player Classic since I did some research and people said it works. But after I press Ctrl+I and I click save after the save window pops out, I get a message that says "GetCurrentImage failed, hr=8000ffff".

Soo~ I tried the DVDs on Windows Media Player, adjusted the settings so that video acceleration is at none, and then tried to take screen caps using both Ctrl+I and the Princt Screen key and it still didn't work.

Out of the three programs the closest I came to getting an actual screen cap was Media Player Classic but it showed that message "GetCurrentImage failed, hr=8000ffff" every time I tried to save something. I really don't know what to do right now and I'd prefer to work with what I already have rather than downloading another program just for screen capping. In any case, if anyone can make some suggestions or directions it will be highly appreciated.
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