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Old 2007-04-30, 05:11   Link #41
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Gundam Wing on DVD. I watched the first seven volumes (out of ten volumes) and enjoyed it to a degree but thought it was getting a little too political and confusing. Then I saw the entire series of Gundam Seed and became a true fan of Gundam.
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Old 2007-04-30, 06:16   Link #42
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Before there was light, the world was covered in darkness and ther was.... Toonami....

(Does that still run?)

Yeap, back in the dark days of Toonami I saw Gundam Wing and thought it wasn't the greatest, and eventually came to really dislike it, actually. Rather annoying. I watched a few other series, like 08th MS Team which was on Toonami, kinda liked that, then G Gundam.... Then eventually moved on the SEED long after Toonami.

But Toonami it was, oh the horror.... Terrible American dub, things purposely mistranslated for our "virgin" American ears.... I mean, really, how does changing something from "kill" to "destroy" make it any better? It's still a total mind warp for kids of the impressionable age of 8 to see giant robots that defy logic and physics...

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Old 2007-04-30, 08:29   Link #43
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Hated GUNDAM at first...really

The 1st GUNDAM I have ever saw was MK-II (in blue and white paintjob). Then it was RX78-2, but at that moment I thought it's just another mecha series with lots of mecha fighting (not into mecha at that moment)...

Then got stuck to GUNDAM thanks to... TM Revolution! It was INVOKE and coulndn't help but to found out from where it came from... Then watches SEED for the first time (The phase where Athrun got stuck in an island with Cagalli - but the main reason for watching was because Ishida Akira voices him) and then...

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Old 2007-05-07, 10:16   Link #44
Zander Yuusha Kyorugold
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1st encounter GW in my chinese ch8 network..then had SD ZZ & V2AB...had a few Wing models last time and V models.....but what makes me back to Gundam is after watching SEED before entering National Service. Once in natioanl service i was gundam spree on the model kits.....

still have yet to watch 0079, 0083, V & Zeta series, Turn A
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Old 2007-05-07, 10:36   Link #45
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Location: NYC
My first Gundam was Gundam Wing. It was actually still running in Japan at the time though I believe the tv series was wrapping up by the time I got into it. Definitely before Endless Waltz was released in Japan though. Didn't go back to watch the other older Gundams until fairly recently. I'm glad I did though.

[edit] Actually no, I just remembered....I think my first one was Stardust Memory (that's 0083 right?). My brother had it and showed it to me. Totally forgot about that...
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Old 2007-05-07, 12:01   Link #46
Join Date: Jul 2006
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First Gundam experience? I think it was when I was around 3~4 years old. Got my first Gundam capsule toy, and it goes on from there.

I also got I think, my first MG or HG grade Gundam while at 5 ~ 6 years old. It was a Zeta, and now that I think back, man, it was such a waste. Why did my parents even bought me that pile of plastic-goodness I don't know, and I won't ask.

- Tak

"Gemeinsam erfolgreich in Europa", Angela Merkel
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Old 2007-05-10, 15:59   Link #47
Crimson Blade
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Location: Parts unknown under the sun
First Gundam thing I ever saw was the episode of the original Mobile Suit Gundam where the hero Amuro Ray fighting Ramba Ral.

"This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!"

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Old 2007-05-15, 05:59   Link #48
Silent Anger
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bought my first model kit i think in 1996, it was FANTASTIC!!!! then saw the trailer for 08th MS team Gundam in 1997
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Old 2007-05-17, 01:16   Link #49
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2007
In 2000, I first took a glance at a pre-assembled Mark II diecast action figure at my local malls comic store/anime store, Another Universe. I was automatically drawn to its design and wanted to know more about its origins. I decided to buy a Domon's God Gundam HG model kit and kept buying more kits.

It wasn't until about a year later i bought (strangely enough) the second volume of Stardust Memory on VHS. I have been hooked ever since.

Gundam is my anti-drug and my friend.
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Old 2007-05-17, 02:50   Link #50
Join Date: Dec 2005
While I may have been unconciously exposed to it in some form earlier, my very first exposure came from a website that was discussing upcoming toy releases. I was checking it out to get a peak at the new Sonic Adventure toys that were being released at the time (being the big Sega fan that I was back in 99), and there was a small article that mentioned upcoming toys for Gundam, likely Wing related. This caught my attention simply due to the unusual name of the property... and I made a small joke to myself about kids going "Mommy, mommy, I want a Gun Damn!" as a result.

Of course, in the coming months, Wing aired on CN, and I finally watched episode 48 on a vacation one day (and 49 the next)... followed by the later viewing of the 0079 films DUBBED on VHS in the summer of 2000.

...and the rest is history.
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Old 2007-05-17, 10:20   Link #51
M L Monster
Join Date: Sep 2006
Age: 29
Erm I summed my history in my blog before so this is just my copy paste.

Me and Gundam - The History -
Well No one just suddenly like what they like right?

Theres always a beginning in how they like. I like Gundam. Its good. Its great. How did i like it? It just dates back to 1994.....

I was 5. Still a kindergarden. My grandma sends me recorded video tapes of animes which i enjoy watching. one of them was G Gundam.

G Gundam was great. even tho i watched only 2 episodes from it. It was an episode where about a "Snake" Gundam vs the Protagonist which is the Shinning Gundam(i think) while another is an episode where God Gundam fights the colony-size Devil Gundam. It was the start of my Gundam-life.

The year passed and i got a new tape from my grandma. New anime. What is it called?

Gundam Wing.

Yeah. totally different characters and gundams from G but it was awesome with how 1 Gundam could totally destroy a base. only mamange to watch 2 episode back then(caught the rest of the series 10 years later :P)

and the year after, It was After war Gundam X. while i only manage to watch only 1 episode, it was okay even tho it was not a episode filled with battle scene.

then alot of years passed. i was 14-5. While during a trip to Japan, out of boredom, i bought a new ps2 game. It was called "Mobile Suit : Gundam Federation vs Zeon DX". It was based on the series where it all started. It was awesome. The gameplay was neat. there was a mode which u can playthrough the storyline in the game as a regular soldier witnessing the history of Gundam.

Right after that during my class, there were sudden population of Gundam aswell. I didn't know why. But seems like a new series was going on which was called

Gundam Seed.

Wasn't really interested in a new series but i bought an English gundam game based on it called "Gundam Battle Assault 3 : featuring Gundam Seed". It plays through as "Kira Yamato" going thru the war between Naturals and Coordinators.

The storyline was so similar with the original series, i just had to say "Rip off" right at that moment.

But that was also the time where i started learning "torrenting". This torrent got me to the sequel series of Gundam Seed which was called

Gundam Seed Destiny.

The storyline was okay, other than me always wondering why the Core Splendor(a plane that transform into a Gundam) doesn't get attacked while hes transforming.

I manage to watch every episode. with a serious disappointment in the end.

Basically the last episode was the protagonist gettin their hell beaten up by the protagonist from the first series and it ended right after the death of the chairman(so-called final boss) without any explanation after this(sumthing called RUSHED)

This got me disappointed with the current Gundam franchise and how they ruined it from a great anime franchise into a money sucking machine. This disappointment also got me to appreciate the past Gundam series, which got me to start watching the older series aswell.

so far I have finished watching the following series

First Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Double Zeta Gundam, Char's Counterattack, Gundam 0083, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny.
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Old 2007-05-17, 10:33   Link #52
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Ithaca, NY, USA // Taichung, Taiwan
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The first Gundam I saw was G Gundam they had on TV in Taiwan, and i thought, "man, what the hell is this sh*t, it looks so stupid!" That was like 6~7 years ago.

Fast forward to 2003. I decided to borrow some SEED fansubs from my friend to see what's all the buzz is about. Got hooked immediately by the drama (yes...I was naive back then). Like many people, I shouted in joy when Freedom showed up and owned ass in episode 34. I still like SEED very much.

I then moved on to Wing, and I thought it was not that great with its 1D characters (o noes I am gonna get caught, time to self-destruct!) and weird story development.

My friends then bought me the 0079 Gundam Movie box set for Christmas in 2004, and thus I have seen the light. The true light that is UC Gundam: 08th, 0080, 0083, Zeta, CCA, F91, etc.... I now proudly own every single Gundam DVD that has been released in the US...except G (which I have since then become quite fond of, despite haven't watched it: BAKUNETSSUUUUUUU GOD FINGER....SEKIHA TENKYOKEN!!!!)

SEED Destiny ruined my love for the CE universe. I still think SEED is a great series, but don't even speak to me about Destiny. Worst Gundam series ever.

Favorite Gundam series? Turn A Gundam. The TRUE Gundam series that brings out Tomino's message without killing everyone.
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Old 2007-05-17, 10:48   Link #53
Kaioshin Sama
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My first Gundam experience was when Endless Waltz was aired on YTV back in what I think was 2000. From there I saw Wing then I found the Gundam Project and learnt about the massive history of Gundam series. In 2002 I saw Turn A Gundam, and the next year that was followed by Zeta, 08th MS Team, Seed, Stardust Memory, Gundam X, War In The Pocket, and ZZ Gundam. The following year in 2004 I saw G Gundam, Gundam 0080, Char's Counteratack, Mobile Suit Gundam and then Gundam F91. By 2005 Gundam Seed Destiny had ended it's miserable run and I then saw MS Igloo. I'm still collecting the Manga chapter's that are out there of Crossbone F91 etc. and even though I've seen every Gundam series (some twice, making them the only series ever that I have watched more than once) my fandom still burns strong.
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Old 2007-05-17, 11:19   Link #54
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Anyone get there hands on SD subs and actually enjoy them. I for one did and I am talking about the Mk series.

I find them to be comically relieving and true to Gundam trivia unlike the newer 3D version.
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Old 2007-05-18, 04:58   Link #55
Silent Anger
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Originally Posted by 100587 View Post
Anyone get there hands on SD subs and actually enjoy them. I for one did and I am talking about the Mk series.

I find them to be comically relieving and true to Gundam trivia unlike the newer 3D version.
where would i find the SD anime series i've only seen mini-trailers (scuse the pun) of them

got quite a few SD gundam kits to practice airbrushing
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Old 2007-05-18, 10:19   Link #56
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My first experience with Gundam would be the Mobile Suit Gundam novels I read almost twenty years ago. I wasn't too impressed by them, so I left mostly ignored the franchise until much later.
The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won...
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Old 2007-05-22, 12:32   Link #57
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The first Gundam show I ever watched was Gundam Wing as im sure it was for alot of people. However I knew about Gundam and the original series awhile before seeing Wing.
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Old 2007-09-24, 18:06   Link #58
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i'm from the UK, and like most people, wing started me off, i was about 8 or 9 at the time. at that time though i was well into DBZ, so it took me a few years to look into gundam a bit more. i remember i was very excited when i found that there were more gundam series than wing, all we've ever got in this country is wing and endless waltz. that was a very exciting time, i remember i told all my anime loving mates at school and they didn't know about the other gundam series.

i went off anime for a year or so since then, but then i decided to watch Wolf's Rain again as i was bored, and that got me back into anime, and then wing again, which brought back memories. on the same site that i had watched it from, there was also z gundam, so i decided to watch it and it's now my favourite anime. i have since finished watching zz a few days ago, and am now going to go on to char's counterattack. i am now a gundam addict
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Old 2007-09-24, 19:18   Link #59
Join Date: Oct 2004
I first encountered GUNDAM from a game my cousin was playing on his Playstation. I didn't really pick it up then, but much later when I saw Gundam Wing. I eventually began watching all the other Gundam series (Starting from 0079). However, I became very sad with Gundam ever since Seed.
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Old 2007-09-24, 20:35   Link #60
*Insert something clever*
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back in 96, 2nd grade for me.

my dad and i were in a hobby shop because he was getting a fighter plane kit. so then a (im not sure since i didnt know what it was) Zeta kit and i was amazed of how cool it looked. but then after seeing gunDAM i thought it was something bad . been hooked on how sweet the mecha design has remained since then.
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