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Old 2007-05-07, 20:32   Link #21
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Yeah, volume 9 is out to, maybe volume 10 will come out tommorow...
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Old 2007-05-07, 21:32   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Child_of_Sierra View Post
Argh , its far too difficult to stop once I start reading 8, volume 7's cliffhanger was tolerable but 8's ante up the plot too much for me to ignore 9 and I'm guessing it goes downhill from there.

Spoiler for volume 8 question:
Galatea helped
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Old 2007-05-07, 22:52   Link #23
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I have decided that this thread is not the best solution to the situation of scanlations existing between the Viz releases and the most recent chapters. While it is true that these scanlations complicate the issue, I am going to ask that all scanlation discussion continue in the Claymore Manga - Japanese Version thread. If discussions of these chapters are posted in the wrong thread they will be treated as spoilers and not even spoiler tags will save you.

You'll just have to cope with the presence of spoilers from chapters in advance of the scanlations. It shouldn't be too much inconvenience in light of how quickly these scanlations are proceeding. It will probably not be long until the raw and the translation are released within quick succession. At that time the inconvenience will vanish.

In several days these posts will be merged into the Claymore Manga - Japanese Version thread and I'll remove all traces that this thread ever existed.

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