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Old 2007-06-01, 09:56   Link #1
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Ouke no Monshou: Need Help Locating

well, as stated, it's very old, Ouke no Monshou...any1 know this?(english names:Royal Crest;Daughter of the Nile) aniwayz, i've heard/seen from somewhere that there is an OAV? and wanted to get my hands on it because im trying to see the imrprovements of anime since its early ages all the way till now, and this anime/OAV was one of the most wanted to see on my list because this anime/OAV shows uniqueness and i wanted to be able to see it in motion.
Please help me, I've searched for all possible wayz on the internet(only in english, i wish i knew Jap) and could;nt find a way to watch it...


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Old 2007-06-01, 11:09   Link #2
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This is a pretty rare anime, especially, considering it's an OVA. The chances of its RAW floating in somewhere is exceptionally slim, so the only remaining possibility for getting your hands on this title would be to look in sites that sell DVDs. In this thread, there are some urls that may help.

I'll also change the title to Ouke no Monshou since we don't have a thread for this title. It will help if someone knows more about this title. Some basic infos as follows:

Title in Japanese: 王家の紋章

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 1988

Synopsis as follows, the courtesy of ANN:
Carol is a rich American girl that love old Egyptian history. While in Egypt studying she find out an old mummy and get caught in a curse that brings tragedy to her family and makes her come back in time. In old Egypt she gets involved with the young, cruel and handsome faraoh Menphis and a great deal of intrigues and adventures in the royal palace and the internacional conflicts of the time.

The manga's lead character Carol is an eager archeology student taking a study trip in Egypt. Isis, the high priestess of ancient Egypt invokes a curse on Carol that flings her back in time every time she falls into the Nile, back to when Memphis ruled the land. In the past, Carol meets the often cruel but handsome and charismatic Pharaoh Memphis, she becomes intertwined with the history of that time, shaping the way conflicts are played out, becoming a national treasure of Egypt and Memphis' as she is hailed by the ancients as the daughter of the Nile Goddess.
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