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Old 2016-03-23, 21:51   Link #1
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Kindle or Nook for LNs & Manga?

Having recently gotten a new tablet, I've been thinking about going digital for LNs and manga, as they're generally cheaper and don't take up as much as their physical counterparts.

The question, though, for an Android user, which should I go for: Kindle or Nook? Do their ebooks go sale like their physical counterparts do occasionally?
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Old 2016-03-24, 08:33   Link #2
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My answer to the which Android app to use question, Kindle or Nook, was to use both. When it comes to reading manga, I prefer the way the Nook app handles comics better. When it comes to reading novels, I prefer the Kindle's functionality.

Both retailers offer sales on ebooks. The Kindle offers more sales on ebooks. But the books on sale are seldom manga or LN ones regardless of retailer. The difference in price between the two retailers is literally a few pennies. (Nook does honor your Barnes & Noble membership discount if you have one, FYI.)

Really, I would recommend at least looking at both apps for a while before you settle on one versus the other or both like I did.

One thing to keep in mind, B&N is struggling as a company. I read that it is closing down its Nook shop in the UK. (I'm still looking for a second source to confirm this.) There may come a time when Nook is shut down in the US as well. So strictly from that standard point, Kindle is probably the wiser choice going forward if you want to be safe.

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