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Ys Seven - Awesome PSP Action RPG comes to the US on 17th August

Technical Details:

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publisher : XSEED Games
Format: PSP
Release Date: 17th August (US), 2010 (Europe)
Price: $29.99 (Regular Edition, PSN Download), $49.99 (Limited Edition)
Website: (Beware auto-starting music)
Limited Edition Contents: 20 track soundtrack, 60-page colour artbook, 12.5" x 34" Cloth Map of the World of Ys.



What makes it awesome?

The music:
Falcom's music is pretty well renowned amongst videogame fans for its memorable melodies, synths everywhere, and exciting battle themes, and Ys Seven is no exception. Most of the good stuff is on the limited edition's bonus CD too.

Here's some samples:
Smashing through the Mountain Path
Mother Earth Altago
The Place Where Souls Return
Legend of the Five Great Dragons

The Gameplay:
It's an action RPG, pure and simple. Run around with your party of three, switching between them at will, and kill everything in sight. Enemies have different weapon type weaknesses, encouraging you to switch between your characters regularly (swords are best against regular organic enemies, heavier weapons against armoured foes, and ranged weapons against birds and the like), and the bosses are challenging and usually have multiple attack patterns to keep things interesting. Best of all, the ally AI is actually quite good, and your party will stay around you and not get themselves killed. There's also plenty of items to synth, optional quests to complete and enemies to defeat, too, and in terms of story length and content it's the longest, biggest Ys game to date.

Here's two samples of the bosses:
Ze Karios
Rada Manju

Other Stuff:

Do I have to play the previous games to understand this one?
No. There's a couple of references to Ys 6, and Adol and Dogi have both been in most of the Ys games so far, but the series isn't really chronological and you won't miss much at all if this is your first game.

Is Europe getting a retail release?
No, Europe will be PSN Download only. I'm really not sure why, but that's what XSEED have said. Better than nothing, at least. They've said it will be released 'shortly after' the US version but haven't given a date, as far as I'm aware. If you want the fancy limited edition stuff you'll have to import.

Will it be coming to any other platforms?
Yes, but we don't know which, and even then whether that version will be localised. For the meantime the PSP version is the only one there is.

How long does it take to beat?
30 hours or so. Can easily be more though if you do the extra quests and the like.

How do you pronounce the name?
Rhymes with fleece.
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