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Old 2018-05-29, 11:50   Link #321
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You have to admit it’s kinda funny since you know their going to have to make major adjustments to the anime for the viewers to love it.

Major question I have for the manga though in chapter 22, what did zest mean when he said they had a spy planted in the group. Was he referring to shin’s group or the other devil group? I couldn’t really understand since the translations are so bad.
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Old 2018-05-29, 15:39   Link #322
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I wonder which Seiyuu are going to do the voices for Shin, Cecily, August, and Maria ?
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Old 2018-06-23, 15:01   Link #323
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Volume 7 of the Manga version is coming out in the first week of July, next month.
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Old 2018-06-23, 18:29   Link #324
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Hah, I still see the tags are up. Not that it matters, it accurately describes this novel pretty well.
Rage is like a blade.
Constant use will make it dull and weaken; it's user lacking purpose and aim. Thus comes the saying that the ire of the calm, kind and gentle forges with a mighty fire; a fierce blade, to cleave the one who beckoned their vengeance
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Old 2018-06-25, 02:12   Link #325
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I do that anime does more then 12 episodes I feel it can do more then 12 episodes
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