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Finished Star Ocean: First Departure R this afternoon. Really, really glad that I decided to play this. Turned out to be a really fun experience. Not as good as Star Ocean: Second Evolution, but pretty darn good. I am so glad that this had multiple options for audio and visuals. Vastly preferred the newest character images (even if their apparel didn't match their sprites) while vastly preferred the PSP Japanese audio over the PS4 Japanese voice cast. I didn't expect that I'd love Millie as much as I did. She was a great character. Pericci was probably my second favorite character. And the Ilia/Ronyx canon ending was worth it when factoring in the PAs you needed to get it.

I was going to start Star Ocean: Till the End of Time undub right away, but I decided I am going to go back and deal with not being able to play Final Fantasy V on my PS3 because of that game-breaking save bug I hadn't known about when starting it a few months back. I downloaded Final Fantasy V: Pixel Remaster on Steam tonight, so that should close out my planned PSX games of my Games of my Childhood Marathon. Once I'm done with that, I'll pop back to SO3 and then probably go onto SO4, which I'd never played before.
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