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Old 2018-04-03, 10:57   Link #221
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It was a twist on the original games that's just as bitter as the ending:

Spoiler for Original Game Information:

I do like that Hakuno tried to save them both, but hate that the element responsible for him being unable because of her "peculiar body" isn't mentioned clearly (nor the connection to the best girl of Tsukihime) and we have a two-three month wait for the next episode.
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Old 2018-04-03, 10:57   Link #222
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The sixth floor really was hell, for Rin and Rani. It certainly wasn't what I expected in any case. Why Rin wanted a master to reach the sixth floor in particular makes perfect sense now. Shame they couldn't both survive, but their fate was decided a long time ago.

Now, onto Leo... in three months.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2018-04-03, 14:57   Link #223
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They really weren't kidding about this floor being hell...It truly was Rin and Rani's personal nightmare. Just trapped in a mess that they couldn't get themselves out of. Also partly just terrible timing on their part. They hit a very complicated draw situation right as the Moon Cell is being shut down by Twice. Thus they get pulled in as batteries for the 6th floor.

Just a lot makes sense now about those two after this episode. Their goals, motivations, and willingness to apparently die just came together here. Even though they couldn't both survive, I salute Hakuno attempting to make it happen. Those two had gone through so much and helped him out so many times that he couldn't just kill one of them in their sleep. The anguish of the dead may not have cared, but the person he is right now did care.

Sadly we'll have to wait for the rest of the story. But honestly this was a good stopping point. A lot of answers being revealed here and a bittersweet end to the episode. Rani passing is sad, but Rin is all the more motivated to support Hakuno and Nero to the end of the road.
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Old 2018-04-03, 15:28   Link #224
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Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
promote is not the same as "force you to buy" and again how many animes, mangas or novels or games which you know where "made in a way" which you need to buy the "source to understand what is happening" because they just made a nonsense plot out of nowhere just to make peoples had go to buy the source???, i really know few to none, most of animes which are made to "promote" a source at last have a average plot" with the minimum to understand what is happening and if you want to "improve what you get in the anime you need to go to the source, this is how normally they do, no make a "total random mess" for the sake of buy the source it sound very crap even for a "japanese view", them unless nasu is "learning with EA how to make business them it really don't make sense do that.
I still reject the notion that you need to have played the game to understand what's going on. I think what's happening here is you're just not really invested, which causes you to miss a lot of things. There is no shame in that. If you're not invested it just means the story failed to catch your attention. People who say that are just wrong. I mean it most certainly won't hurt to have played it, but it's not necessary.

I did offer to explain things to you if I could though. That offer still stands, and I won't tell you to buy an old PSP game from 8 years ago.

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
Ok some questions which i still have and totally crueless?? this is a sort of "matrix"??? or isekai game where everyone get teleported to a game world??? what is this serie "setup" if they even bothered to try to think about that.

What is happening here? i really can't understand what happened here, the only thing i can understand is which the mc is a sort of "frankestain, which he was created from the "souls/emotions" of many master and speciall nero previous girl master which is almost basically his base personality and he just want to finish all this mess without any real wish or reason.
Definitely no need to play the game here. The story explained this in episode 2 or 3. The Moon Cell Automaton is a giant supercomputer that started this Holy Grail War in its own virtual space called a and drew in the souls of Wizards as part of some vague experiment. Something something understand humans something something.

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
What happened with the "real world"??? again what is happening here, what started all that mess what sort of "grail war is this one??.

Really my problem is "what the hell is happening here"????
This one is a bit tougher to answer. Even for me who has played the game. Because unlike the game, 1000 years have passed since the beginning of the HGW. The story is being entirely told from the perspective of the inside of the SE.RA.PH, so we don't actually know what the real world is like right now. Some of the episodes have hinted, however, that the real world is more or less unlivable, and that the SE.RA.PH. might actually be more real than the real world. But there's no way to know this for sure.

The fact that the story itself does a very poor job explaining things even to people who have actually played the game and most of my own understanding of the story is based on being invested in the franchise and thereby knowing a little bit of how the writer thinks, does not help the show's case. It is a pretty show, it's a fun show to watch, but it is most certainly not a clear and understandable show.

Other than that, I still enjoyed the episode. I wonder what's going to happen now though. How will the rest of the story be released?

Looks like I was right about the floor master not being Amari though.

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Old 2018-04-11, 22:03   Link #225
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So, it is true that Fate/Extra Last Encore is taking a temporary hiatus, then?
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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
So, it is true that Fate/Extra Last Encore is taking a temporary hiatus, then?
yes it is taking one
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