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Old 2015-09-27, 07:05   Link #21
I disagree with you all.
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The same enemy, even. Shizuo would be so jealous.
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Old 2015-09-27, 07:50   Link #22
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And this is why Izaya hates Saika. Not only does she love humanity in yandere way thus competition but Saika can take over people to the point Saika is a danger to Izaya.

To Saika killing is just another form of love. That doesn't mean Kasane isn't annoyed that Izaya messes her plans.

Saikas on the other hand don't know what other fragments are doing. Saika in Anri asked herself if Ruri is human or not, to love her or not. Kasane and her Saika certainly knows more about what Ruri is.

I do wonder if Kasane's Saika is in love with Shizuo. Haruna's Saika certainly is.

Vorona sees Akane as a rival for Shizuo how would she react to a non-human one?
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Old 2015-09-28, 04:21   Link #23
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So it seems that Izaya being beaten up at the end is now a running gag in Durarara!!, huh?

While the confrontation between Mikado (Dollars) and Masaomi (Yellow Scarves) will happen in the future, how come Namie was there at Shinra's apartment together with Mika, Seiji, and others?
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Old 2015-09-28, 05:18   Link #24
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Originally Posted by Benigmatica View Post
how come Namie was there at Shinra's apartment together with Mika, Seiji, and others?
Since Shingen and Egor are around they probably rescued her. That or Mika's mad skills got them out of a jam.
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Old 2015-09-29, 03:09   Link #25
Marcus H.
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Not only that, the Awakusu Group might be involved, as well as key members of the Dollars, a smaller but reformed Yellow Scarves, Blue Squares under Aoba and Mikado, and Izaya's splinter group composed of people from the righteous and not so righteous sides.

Over all, the story of x2Ten is a bit weaker than Shou honestly. The hype I feel when watching an episode is like a charcoal fire; you have to keep fanning the flames to keep it hot, otherwise the burning coals will eventually lose its heat. That said, marathoning it can be quite a headache, especially the latter part where more new characters suddenly appear on each new episode.

After this cruel cliffhanger, we'll have to wait three months until the Big Brawl in the 'Bukuro Part 2 would happen.

Well now, how comfortable will Izaya's chair will be as all this shit unfolds?
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