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Old 2009-01-30, 17:55   Link #21
Homo Ludens
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It's Warner Music, really. Not YouTube.

Fair Use be damned. Control of the media is all that matters.
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Old 2009-02-01, 02:47   Link #22
Dragon - Igniton
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Originally Posted by asrielchase View Post
... just kidding. But this MAD was really well done. I love how the dialogue were incorporated in it. Will replace this with a HQ version when I found one, so meanwhile the niconico ver. is recommended. (lyrics & dialogues included!)

BGM: Mizuki Nana - Shin Ai (深愛)

I like it very much like the dialog fits well with the song.

Now I wish they made it a romance movie :O

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Old 2009-02-03, 16:23   Link #23
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Here are a couple of well done MADs for the collection. Enjoy!

Minorin's take on Saria's Song

Minorin's Take on Flandre's theme (Touhou Project)
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Old 2009-02-04, 08:41   Link #24
You are Next
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Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
Youtube takes down everything sooner or later. People should use other uplaoding services since it is obvious that youtube is no longer an option.
Veoh is another option. Or Megaupload
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Old 2009-02-04, 17:16   Link #25
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Originally Posted by Mirimar View Post
Here are a couple of well done MADs for the collection. Enjoy!
Minorin's Take on Flandre's theme (Touhou Project)
That, is just so awesome

Originally Posted by SageGaiGar View Post
Veoh is another option. Or Megaupload
Do you mean MegaVideo?
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Old 2009-02-06, 19:12   Link #26
--- semi-hikikomori ---
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Originally Posted by KeitaroNagato View Post
A new MAD, it could be used as a opening of the anime^^

only, it's lacking Ami

"can't get away... from the sound of life..." - shinryou
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Old 2009-02-09, 17:07   Link #27
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Zomg, it's Ami.
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Old 2009-02-12, 10:15   Link #28
Kinny Riddle
Gone for Good
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Tora-gonball Z

Part 1: Taiga vs Ryuji

Part 2: Taiga vs Sumire

I LOL'ed. Good use of the nostalgic DBZ teaser opening, BGM, sound effects, and even visual effects (like dragging out the suspense before a fight for as long as possible). I especially like the characters teleporting as they fight.

Part 1 cuts off just when Ryuji tells Taiga in the nick of time about her love letter being empty, giving the illusion the video ends by Taiga slicing Ryuji to death.

Part 2 also cuts off just before Ryuji grabs Taiga's fist, again giving an illusion that the video ends with Taiga finishing Sumire off. lol

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Old 2009-02-16, 23:28   Link #29
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Night of Minorin:

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Old 2009-02-16, 23:48   Link #30
Senior Member
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Toradora! x Konna ni Chikaku De (Nodame Cantabile ED)
I took the time to make subtitles, so enjoy!
Also, this contains spoilers if you haven't seen the X-mas episode.
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Old 2009-02-17, 07:46   Link #31
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Oh man, I love that song so much.
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Old 2009-02-17, 14:45   Link #32
Homo Ludens
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Canada
Age: 29
That was incredible.
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Old 2009-02-19, 00:19   Link #33
My posts are frivolous
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Someone made a guy version of Orenji and Silky Heart using Audacity. It's amazing how realistic both songs sound.


Silky Heart
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Old 2009-02-22, 11:26   Link #34
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Old 2009-02-23, 04:49   Link #35
New Macross soon
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And I thought Pelosi has killed the rickroll.
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Old 2009-02-23, 06:04   Link #36
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I watched (accidentally) that video while searching for TD RAW.

Was quite pissed when it turned out to be a rickroll, didn't expect Toradora would bring enough attention for one
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Old 2009-02-23, 18:31   Link #37
Dietrich fan #681675
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I'll be looking forward to Torarolling people now haha
Go Yankees.

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Old 2009-02-28, 15:42   Link #38
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I stumbled upon this accidentally:

Seems like it wasn't posted before.
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Old 2009-03-01, 06:18   Link #39
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These two haven't been posted here either

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Old 2009-03-09, 04:29   Link #40
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How did they make the video sound so much like Taiga's singing it?
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