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Old 2014-09-30, 23:37   Link #1
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One Piece - Chapter 762 [manga]

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

Thread Guidelines
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  • Please do not discuss scanlations, translation groups, etc., etc.
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  • Spoilers will not be policed in this thread, so if you haven't read the chapter yet, just stay out if you don't want to read spoilers.
Remember that the manga is licensed, do not post significant parts of the chapter. This includes images, scripts and direct translations of the manga. Summaries are OK, crops of pictures are OK (only if you need to illustrate your point) but this is it.

Okay, brief spoiler summary is out, courtesy of AP's Redon:

-Chapter title is "White Town". Splash story has Jinbei arriving at the town that got attacked by sea beasts in the newspaper.

-The flashback continues. Not only are we introduced to most of the younger Doflamingo pirates, we also find out that Law's hometown of Flevance is famous for a type of special lead, known as "White Lead". However, it turns out that the lead is actually hazardous, but the World Government and royalty of Flevance keep silent about that fact while the townsfolk are led under the impression that the lead poisoning is a disease. As the years pass, generations of Flevance residents gain shorter lifespans due to the poison's effects.....

-Law's parents, who were doctors themselves, attempt to treat the lead poisoning. It also turns out that Law's sister has the illness as well, and in her case it's in the last stage. Eventually, all hell breaks loose as other nations, still under the impression that the lead poisoning is a disease, quarantine Flevance. Anyone who attempted to escape the country was killed, and soon a group of rogues came and slaughtered every last resident they could find, women and children being no exception. The WG turns a blind eye to this catastrophe, as they gain huge profits from it. The only reason Law was able to survive was because he was hiding under the corpses of those who had already fallen.....

-Back to kid Law's interactions with the Dofla pirates, the child follows up on his plan to kill Corazon. He targets the man with a sword, charges at him, and..... successfully stabs him!?

Well, at least now we have an explanation for Law's reaction to Doflamingo shooting him with lead bullets, I see....

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Updated with a spoiler summary, guys! And once again it looks like the WG pulled an Ohara.....
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Old 2014-10-02, 01:15   Link #3
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why doflamingo shoot law with a lead bullet?
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Old 2014-10-02, 05:42   Link #4
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^That wouldn't really explain the clear rage Law showed when he realized the bullets were made of lead, though. IMO it makes a lot more sense if Dofla was being a dick and decided to give Law a harsh reminder of that disease.....

Anyway, I just saw the Chinese scans. Holy crap, did Law have it rough. Not only did he lose his family (his parents were literally shot dead right in front of him), but he also lost his teacher (a nun) and classmates at school. No wonder he was so dead-set on revenge (I think he basically wanted to get at Corazon because he's related to the world nobles, and since it was the WG who got rid of his hometown.....).

Also, we see more of the younger Dofla crew, including Dofla himself! Wow, the younger Sr. Pink actually looks pretty awesome, IMO. Also, Machvise kinda looks like Jesus Burgess, and Dellinger..... was practically a baby, lol. The younger Jora (who's a LOT slimmer than her current self) looks pretty hot too, IMO. No sign of Monet, Vergo, and Sugar though (but at least in Vergo's case, I think it's because he was already doing his job as a mole in the marines. And I guess the two girls were later additions to the crew). BTW, one more interesting thing to note: Dofla takes his sunglasses off this chapter. However, we STILL don't see his eyes since his face is covered by a book (oh Oda, you're such a troll! ).

Oh, and one more thing to note: Law's attack on Corazon? It [i]SUCCEEDED.[/b]

All in all, very interesting chapter. Can't wait for a (proper) translation.

Edit: Okay, Aohige gave a bit of an explanation of that "lead disease" over at AP:

Yes, it's like SUPER lead poisoning.. the nation of Flavance (or Flabance), known as the "White Town" used the for everything they made, and it was a beautifully white material that was imported out, supporting the nation's wealth.

The WG had done research a century prior to find out the White Lead was poisonous to people, but kept it hush-hush. WG and the Royalty of Flavance conspired together to keep the people uninformed of the potential danger, and made insane amount of profit.

The White Lead kept reducing the lifespan of the generations for years before they became aware, and the symptom of poisoning all erupted at the same time to all the generation nearing its end of life. The other countries thought it was an infectious disease and decided to lock everyone in the White Town nation, and shot anyone trying to leave.
It was simple lead poisoning, and was not infectious, and the WG knew that but did nothing to stop the slaughters.
The royalty of the nation all fled early, abandoning their people to their deaths.

Eventually the people of the Flavance were all wiped out by human hands, man, woman, children, everyone viciously murdered.

Damn, and I thought Ohara was bad.....

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I need one thing to be clear. The bullets Doflamingo used to shoot down Law were made of that disease from White Town?
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Originally Posted by ArabianLuffy View Post
I need one thing to be clear. The bullets Doflamingo used to shoot down Law were made of that disease from White Town?

No, it was just plain lead. But the point is that the "lead disease" was NEVER a disease to begin with. It was just a type of lead poisoning that many people MISTOOK for a disease because the WG and royalty of Flevance kept quiet about it, despite being well aware of the truth (it's not infectious at all). In the end, the governments made huge profits from the death of an entire country's population. Yeah, sounds like a real pleasant story, doesn't it?

Edit: Okay, updated the opening post a bit to lessen confusion. Hopefully, this will help.

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I just posted whole summary.
And it's Flevance, English writing provided from the book on Dofla's face.

And yes, this is just plain godawful EVIL.
Ohara was terrible, but they had a motive of self preservation. And the researchers of Ohara knew the risk they were taking.

This on the other hand is just entirely inexcusable pure malice.
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Old 2014-10-02, 08:34   Link #8
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any chance dofla could have been from Flevance too? and his dad is part of the royalty that knew the white lead was not contagious but it was poisonous? dofa's dad saw how evil it was for the royals and the WG not to tell the people of the poison and decided to quit being royalty? and this is how dofla's mom died, because of the poison?
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Nice backstory. A little long on the exposition, but still nicely bleak.
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Old 2014-10-02, 11:05   Link #10
ronin myael
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Nice to finally read about Law's past. No wonder he seems so humorless, and now I understand why Law saved Luffy even when he had no reason to do so.
"Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly."~ Neil Gaiman (The Sandman)
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Mr. DJ
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good god that was dark...
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Im interested to see how the hell does the relationship between law and corazon turns around from this to Law HATING DF for killing him....
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oh god... Law's past is very dark

and Corazon won't die that easy, right?
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pretty sure he takes the cake for darkest childhood by far now.
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It always makes me sick when governments turn a blind eye to serious matters like this.
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Originally Posted by ZeroForever View Post
pretty sure he takes the cake for darkest childhood by far now.
Now that would be a title to challenge between Robin and Law as the darkest childhood.
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Old 2014-10-02, 19:51   Link #17
Annie Leonhart
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Chapter 762
That was a very good chapter. Senor pink cleans up well at young age. How did he come to the baby outfit? I wonder if Corazon will protect Law from Daflamingo’s wrath or will buffalo be forced to be quiet about the incident that occurred?

There is still a lot of things that need answering. Besides Corazon(Daflamingo’s little Brother) who is the first person to take the heart seat? How does Dalfamingo kill Corazon? If Law has the Amber Lead disease how does he get rid of it? Does Daflamingo have the Ope Ope No Mi fruit at that time?

The Ope Ope No Mi is the only way I can see containing, getting rid of, or passing the disease. That would be a good revenge if Law still had the Amber Lead Disease and gave it to Daflamingo.

Killer Secret
Poor Law, poor Frevance, another sad story from the WG and the King. Just because Amber Lead has negative affects on human body that does not make it any less valuable. Just find other uses for it. If the Rich Nobles and WG had just revealed the truth about the Amber Lead’s negative effects, they still could have gotten rich from it. People handling and digging it up would have to be careful. Amber Lead Syndrome (virus myth), burning of Frevance, War, and the death of its citizens could have been avoided if they were truthful 100 years ago. I think the only crime WG and the King committed in this situation was not revealing all the information and letting their greed over come their moral judgment(if they had one).
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Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
and Corazon won't die that easy, right?

It was confirmed long before the flashback started that Doflamingo himself killed Corazon, so he obviously survived from Law's attack here. BTW, speaking of this scene, apparently the newspaper that Corazon was reading has Crocodile's face on it (just look closely at the last page's first panel, and you can make it out).

BTW, I'm a little surprised that there's been no talk of "LAW'S SISTER FOR NAKAMA" yet. Personally, I'm leaning towards her being dead, but it's also kinda true that we haven't seen her body (we only saw the hospital she was in getting burned down). I mean, we even at least saw the corpses of Law's classmates, so it's not like Oda is unwilling to show dead kids to the readers, grim as it may be.....
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It's ironic that the innermost flashback is being narrated while the crew is killing people for money...
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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
BTW, speaking of this scene, apparently the newspaper that Corazon was reading has Crocodile's face on it (just look closely at the last page's first panel, and you can make it out).
It took me quite a long while to recognize Croco-boy's face. I have to rotate the pic 90 degree.

So what was Crocodile doing 13 years ago? That's before he met Robin, that is.
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