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Old 2018-05-20, 17:30   Link #101
The Comet has Come
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So they are going to attempt to salvage this show by bringing it more in line with the exploration theme, and adding TOS colored uniforms with non-split uniform badges.

Keeping the USS Enterprise around for a few episodes might just get the show back on its feet. The teaser usess a bit of voice-over from Burman, but also TOS (1960s era) Captain Pike and Mr. Spock.
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Old 2018-05-20, 23:00   Link #102
Psyco Diver
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I read this earlier, my problem is I don't want to sign up for CBS channel, either put it out there or not at all
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Old 2018-05-20, 23:29   Link #103
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Discovery don't need to be salvaged though, pretty much every site with audience voting gave it between 74-88%, that's around same as American Gods, original Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica.
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Old 2018-06-15, 01:51   Link #104
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Star Trek: Discovery Has Suddenly Changed Showrunners Again:

"If you had hopes that it would be smooth sailing ahead for Star Trek: Discovery as
the show heads into its second season—well, it seems the waters are still a bit rough.
Showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts are out, and executive producer Alex
Kurtzman will step in. Kurtzman will also run the show’s writers’ room."

Star Trek fans will recall, of course, that Berg and Harberts got the job when original
showrunner Bryan Fuller left the project in October 2016, well before the show aired
its first episode. According to The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news, this
latest change-up is “based not on the creative but instead for leadership and
operational issues.”

So, what does “leadership and operational issues” mean, exactly? THR cites an
unnamed source who reports that “Berg and Harberts became increasingly abusive to
the Discovery writing staff, with the latter said to have leaned across the writers’ room
table while shouting an expletive at a member of the show’s staff... After hearing
rumors of HR complaints, Harberts is said to have threatened the staff to keep
concerns with the production an internal matter.”"

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science fiction, star trek

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