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View Poll Results: Vote for your favourite Angel Beats! character(s)
Tenshi/Tachibana Kanade 244 59.37%
Nakamura Yuri 178 43.31%
Otonashi Yuzuru 145 35.28%
Hinata Hideki 135 32.85%
Yui 167 40.63%
Shiina 103 25.06%
T.K. 141 34.31%
Takamatsu 18 4.38%
Fujimaki 11 2.68%
Takeyama 9 2.19%
Ooyama 20 4.87%
Noda 35 8.52%
Matsushita 10 2.43%
Naoi Ayato 64 15.57%
Yusa 45 10.95%
Iwasawa Asami 102 24.82%
Hisako 28 6.81%
Irie Miyuki 19 4.62%
Sekine Shiori 21 5.11%
Otonashi Hatsune 21 5.11%
Igarashi 11 2.68%
Saitou 4 0.97%
Chaa 5 1.22%
Evil Tenshi (Clones) 34 8.27%
Others (specify) 5 1.22%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 411. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-07-05, 09:58   Link #21
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: USA
Age: 34
Otonashi for me. And not because he is the protagonist but because he was a great character over all. He gave us comedy, action and drama.
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Old 2010-07-05, 10:05   Link #22
Ice Block
less qq; more pewpew
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Philippines
Generally liked all the characters, but here's a vote for the Track Zero crew:

Yuri - good, clever, observant, understanding and hardworking leader

Hinata - Yuri's loyal right hand man and emotional support; a man who never breaks his promises

Ooyama - [normal comments for a normal person]

Chaa - extremely capable badass; the catalyst of the rebellion. As Yuri said, they wouldn't have been able to do anything without him.

Noda - "I, Noda, shall become your sword."

Shiina - able to hold a rather long (possibly endless) stalemate against Kanade in a 1v1; the most exceptional combat-oriented asset of the SSS
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Old 2010-07-05, 10:13   Link #23
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Idaho
Age: 28
My biggest surprise looking at this list is that not everybody voted for T.K. Hah, I really did expect to see a big huge bar that beat out all the other characters! I guess a lot of the people here don't like to bust a move.

But in all seriousness, Otonashi and Kanade really made the show interesting, and Yurippe also did a pretty good part. After having gone through all of this, it's evident that putting most of my interest in Otonashi and Kanade really was the right choice, though personally I with Yurippe hadn't been so forgotten throughout.
Oh, and I voted for T.K. of course. Unfortunately, I can't dance quite like that.
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Old 2010-07-05, 17:45   Link #24
Eater of All
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Outside the Asylum
I need to get rid of this habit of voting in polls before reading the opening post; I voted solely for Yui because I thought I could only pick one.

So, uh, let's pretend I voted for four characters instead.

Otonashi: "Brotonashi" is an apt nickname for him: a person willing to sacrifice himself to help others survive and move on should earn anyone's respect. Of all the characters, Otonashi is also the most developed, going from some dude with no goal in life to being able to step up and become a doctor. As for the ending... no doubt it's a very debatable topic for many, but I personally found that it made Otonashi seem even more human-like. Despite being portrayed as almost a saint, an act of selfishness reveals that, at heart, Otonashi is still a human who has his own wants and desires. I'm sure we can all relate to that.

Yuri: Strong-willed, steadfast, and charismatic, Yuri earns my respect by bravely fighting against fate with an inspiring determination.

Tenshi: I'd eat her if you know what I mean.

Yui: I love the fact that Yui's genkiness is actually justified (i.e. not just there because for the sake of having a genki girl). She's cute without being annoying, and is overall a very lovable character.
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Old 2010-07-05, 21:38   Link #25
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Actually nowadays all polls seem to be multiple choice, duno why people always confuse them for single
kitten320 is offline  
Old 2010-07-06, 01:11   Link #26
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Huzzah, the poll we have pined for since episode 1 is here!

Went ahead and voted for everyone except dummy Halberd Dude and the Un-Hot Glasses Guy. Well, everyone except Yuri's right hand girl and GirlDeMo (though I voted for Yui-nyan and Iwasawa) and the one-time apperance folks. I almost didn't vote for Naoi Riki, but his weird thing with Yuzuru sold me on it.

And Hinata has some serious sanpaku eyes. Methinks he's too stressed.
Kudryavka is offline  
Old 2010-07-06, 08:25   Link #27
Auron Requies
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Voted almost everyone except Evil Tenshi and other

As far as I can tell from looking at all the story material (manga and novels included), I loved the cast, simply because everyone of them had something that helped defined their character/individuality.

But one of the best aspects would be the gags, I mean, hell, even Otonashi, who is one ofmore reasonable and a straight man character, has the constant gag of overthinking the operation names and letting his imagination run wild eg. Angel's FINAL ASSAULT was (imo) the best one! I swear that's the direction Angel Beats should have squeezed in more XD

(might add my wall of text for each character if I bother)
Auron Requies is offline  
Old 2010-07-06, 16:22   Link #28
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: I wish i lived in akibahara, wher all anime heart is. :T_T:
Age: 24
gaspie, char poll 4 angel beats?! banzai!

and also, i vote 4 tenshi, i lurv her. I also vote 4 yui cuz shes so kawai~, and otonashi and hinata and naoi cuz thats a hot yaoi tringle. Happy vote!
cutechocopockiikissu is offline  
Old 2010-07-06, 20:45   Link #29
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Wow... Yui is 2nd popular? One vote above Yuri, the main heroin? I'm really suprised.

I thought about voting for Yui too but decided to limit my list.
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Old 2010-07-07, 00:36   Link #30
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Now Yui and Yuri are tied. Kanade's still leading the pack, of course.
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Old 2010-07-07, 05:06   Link #31
ZC6 Eishi
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Honolulu Base
Yuri, because while she proved to be a great leader, she was still a normal girl when all is said and done.

And Iwasawa, well because she was cool Iwasawa, and she was an awesome singer.
touge-n00b is offline  
Old 2010-07-07, 14:50   Link #32
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2010
Age: 29
Whether he was right or wrong, otonashi gets my vote for making Yui popular
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Old 2010-07-07, 17:07   Link #33
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Australia
Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
Wow... Yui is 2nd popular? One vote above Yuri, the main heroin? I'm really suprised.

I thought about voting for Yui too but decided to limit my list.
Do not be surprised with online poll (especially those with heavily shippings).
Don't believe me? You can check who voted who there, it's quite a clone war always
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Old 2010-07-08, 00:16   Link #34
Yuri 'serator
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: FL, USA
Age: 32
Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
Wow... Yui is 2nd popular? One vote above Yuri, the main heroin? I'm really suprised.

I thought about voting for Yui too but decided to limit my list.
Well Yuri is winning now, so I think we need to wait until there is a bigger gap to say which one of them is really the 2nd popular .
Kotori Minami - Love Live! School Idol Project
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Old 2010-07-08, 08:28   Link #35
Senior Member
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Still Yui is very close for someone who appeared only in like episode 4 and dissapeared in episode 10.
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Old 2010-07-08, 11:41   Link #36
Yuri 'serator
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: FL, USA
Age: 32
Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
Still Yui is very close for someone who appeared only in like episode 4 and dissapeared in episode 10.
Actually her real appearance was the third episode, and she could be seen, but not heard in the first episode .
Kotori Minami - Love Live! School Idol Project
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Old 2010-07-08, 14:32   Link #37
Raiza Sunozaki
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Kanade: I love Maeda's main female characters. Kanade especially. Something about her quiet, composed, yet incredibly caring self made me fall for her. So much in fact, that the explosion of emotion from her in the final episode took some getting used to.
Yuri: Strong-willed, a great leader and a wonderful centre character. I didn't fall for her like I did Kanade, but I undoubtably loved her place in Angel Beats!.
Yuzuru: This man's a hero. You may not be able to find anyone like him in real life, but that doesn't detract from him being an awesome human being. Plus, he played a great Tsukkomi to all the Boke in the SSS.
Hinata: Best. Bro. Ever. No questions asked. This guy was the second-most awesome guy in all of Angel Beats! (yes, beating out Yuzuru). He was funny, played the idiot, but was also a dependable character and a great friend. I loved him nearly as much as I loved Kanade. Plus, him and Yui were adorable, though more development would've been nice. Yuzuru should be grateful for having such an awesome best friend.
Yui: These kind of characters go two ways for me: I either end up hating them or loving them. I loved Yui. Energetic, completely oblivious to her own stupidity, kind yet cruel (to Hinata) and behind that all, someone just wanting to live her life freely.
Shiina: The dependable Shiina, strong, with one crucial weakness: cute things. Such a typical character design, yet so incredibly entertaining.
TK: Should I even bother explaining why? He was the most awesome male in Angel Beats!, despite his lack of character development. Eccentric, Engrish-spewing (though it mostly seems to be from songs) and a wicked dancer, TK was, well, TK. And that's why.
Noda: Something about Noda entertained me to no end. Maybe it was his massive stupidity, the only thing larger being his confidence. Maybe it was his dedication to Yuri, an obvious infatuation. Maybe he's just awesome.
Matsuhita: Generally, I enjoyed his character, but his last-minute appearence in episode thirteen was incredibly amusing to me, as well as his massive weight loss which made him actually quite handsome.
Naoi: In truth, he annoyed me for the first three episodes he showed up in. Even his hug with Yuzuru didn't leave an impression on me. But he grew on me, and his scene when fighting the shadows, where he walked in dual-wielding handguns, shooting like he was some gangster amused me to no end. And by the end of the series, I felt for him when he ascended.
Yusa: Most under-developed character in the entire series. She deserved way more. Maybe I've got a thing for the quite girls, eh Kanade?
Irie and Sekine: In my opinion, you can't talk about one without talking about the other. These two had a brilliant possible relationship, only to be ruined by a lack of development. One of the things I can't forgive about the lack of time.
Saitou: This guy. The only real reason I find him so awesome is because he leaps ten to fifteen metres into the air, just to catch a fish.
Evil Tenshi: The first hints at a Kanade with emotion, my idea of the Evil Tenshi will be forever tainted by the one idea I had of her running after Kanade crying "oneesama~!"
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Old 2010-07-10, 18:31   Link #38
Join Date: Feb 2004
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TK: There really isn't a reason to explain. Anyone who watched this show should know why.
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Old 2010-07-13, 14:07   Link #39
The Eternal Hijacker
Senior Member
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Kanade: She is simply too awesome and adorable to describe in words right now...

Yui: She might be too annoying and energetic at first, but one you the true rationale, she is quite lovable.
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Old 2010-07-13, 16:34   Link #40
* ahaha.wav *
Join Date: Sep 2009
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Age: 29
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TK and Matsushita 5-dan. i also liked Iwasama and Yui. of course i loved Otonashi and Kanade too.

TK really stole the show for me though, i wish he had some real character development instead of beeing just a random funny guy.

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