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View Poll Results: Vote for your favourite Angel Beats! character(s)
Tenshi/Tachibana Kanade 244 59.37%
Nakamura Yuri 178 43.31%
Otonashi Yuzuru 145 35.28%
Hinata Hideki 135 32.85%
Yui 167 40.63%
Shiina 103 25.06%
T.K. 141 34.31%
Takamatsu 18 4.38%
Fujimaki 11 2.68%
Takeyama 9 2.19%
Ooyama 20 4.87%
Noda 35 8.52%
Matsushita 10 2.43%
Naoi Ayato 64 15.57%
Yusa 45 10.95%
Iwasawa Asami 102 24.82%
Hisako 28 6.81%
Irie Miyuki 19 4.62%
Sekine Shiori 21 5.11%
Otonashi Hatsune 21 5.11%
Igarashi 11 2.68%
Saitou 4 0.97%
Chaa 5 1.22%
Evil Tenshi (Clones) 34 8.27%
Others (specify) 5 1.22%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 411. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-07-16, 21:51   Link #41
Senior Member
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TK: Chop Chop Chop.
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Old 2010-07-17, 19:26   Link #42
Random Clannad Fan
Join Date: Jul 2010
Age: 31
Kanade: She's pure, innocent, and most importantly......WE BOTH LOVE MAPO DOFU :3

Yuri: Strong Willed, caring towards Front members, and she always makes the wisest decision, like
Spoiler for episode 5:
, i like both her cuteness and her personality.

Otonashi: Peoples with a clear objective in their lives are just awesome.

Yui: We don't need a reason to love Yui-Nyan, do we? <3
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Old 2010-07-17, 19:29   Link #43
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2010
Age: 30
Yui, Christ and TK. :wub:

Also Kanade.
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Old 2010-07-18, 11:18   Link #44
Join Date: Jul 2010
I vote for Yurippe-chan...
I just love tsundere characters LOL

Yuri is cute at the end too LOL

Kanade is just moe...

For me tsundere > moe
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Old 2010-07-26, 11:42   Link #45
current mood: yeah
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Location: Canada
Hinata: Heh, I don't know, I just find him quite likable. And funny XD
Naoi: I'm surprised he's not as liked... I found him to be an awesome character, and his crush on Otonashi is cute XD
Yuri: I find she's cool =D Lame reasons ftw
Ooyama: I usually don't care for the cute guys XD But I really loved him and his cuteness
Shiina: She's a ninja who likes cute things, and this is my reason.

That's it since I don't want to pick everyone, heh XD But if I were to pick 3 more... Iwasawa, Matsushita and Christ!
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Old 2010-07-26, 19:36   Link #46
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Canada
I chose Nakamaru Yuri. My friend told me that I reminded her a lot of Yuri xD even tho i dont have her willingness, her leadership skills, and her strength Yuri is really tough, you know? she can go through anything, and leads the Afterlife Battlefront really well in my opinion. i was going to chose otonashi, but sometimes he can be a bit weird , haha lol. but generally i like all the characters. my only critique about Yuri is that she seems like she doesnt want sympathy from anyone. she thinks she can handle her horrible memories on her own, and doesnt really let anyone se the real her that quickly as maybe kanade would. (and im kinda wonderin why kanada is so emotionless too... but her weapons are cool xD) the ending shouldnt have been the ending ! they should have added a bit more ! i cant wait for season 2!
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Old 2010-07-28, 01:46   Link #47
Roloko vi Britannia
The Dark Empress
Join Date: Feb 2010
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Age: 30
Takamatsu, Hinata, Naoi, Otonashi, Noda, and Kanade. I really enjoyed their characters especially Hinata's and Naoi's.

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Old 2010-07-28, 02:52   Link #48
Not an expert on things
Join Date: Jun 2007
Kanade. She's really the only character that I genuinely liked, probably because most of the other characters didn't have various facets of their personality explored well enough in my opinion.

Well, I voted for Yusa too. I found her presence pretty nice.
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Old 2010-07-29, 01:35   Link #49
Nanoha Fan #1
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Between Hell and Haven
Age: 29
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Yui for me =)
dragoncrusher is offline  
Old 2010-07-29, 01:37   Link #50
"This guy are sick."
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Italy
I can't decide between Yurippe and Yui :X
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Old 2010-07-31, 06:43   Link #51
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Originally Posted by Shana-tan87 View Post
I can't decide between Yurippe and Yui :X
Choose both.
Kudryavka is offline  
Old 2010-08-07, 23:49   Link #52
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Kanade - Guard Skill, Hand Sonic, Version2, Version3, Version4, Version5 ! x]. Maabou Doofou / Mapo Tofu ! socute.
Yuri - I her <3. I like the way she says "OPERATION START!" Basically, I almost drowned in tears when she looked down at her diploma, started tearing and said "Idiot".
Otonashi - xD, so creative. I love him.
Hinata - His outfit during the graduation made him look pretty good, i'm not gonna lie c: . I love how he's always fighting with Yui. x]
Yui - SO MANY THINGS TO LOVE. She's hyperactive, cute, German Suplex ! x]. I feel bad for her `cause of her past, but love how she imagines how she and Hinata will meet again in the future . "SENSEI TOIRE !" (Sensei, bathroom!). Ahaha, I loved that part. And her idiot phrases. "Even death can't cure idiocy." "And so increases our idiot count". <33
Shiina - MY FAVOURITEEE ! She's just TOO ninja. And she's always balancing things in episode 4(?) . I love her cute side though, and that scarf she's always wearing. Her quick-talking ways in episode 2 (when she sensed the trap and said "RUN!") was also something I liked.
Yusa - I dunno, I just like her. /WIN ! when she tripped that teacher in episode 3.
Iwasawa - I love her passion for music ! I love all their songs and I LOVE Girls DeMo<3. I felt so bad for her and I WISH she stayed longer. MUCH longer. Iwasawaa ! <3
Hisako - I love how she's lucky in Mahjong, has awesome riffs on the guitar and is athletic. For some reason, I liked it when Naoi Ayato comes into the classroom and when they run, she literally jumps out the window.
Irie/Sekine - The best of friends ! I love them so much, especially since the drums and bass sound so well. Of course they don't really play it in r/l, but still. I just really love Girls DeMo!
Hatsune - SUCH A SAD STORY. I cried SO hard, probably cus she wanted to go to school so bad. She wanted friends and only had comics to read. It's so sad how Otonashi sneaks her out, to let her enjoy herself, but in reality, she was actually dying on his back. I was thinking in my head "PLEASE don't die, PLEASE don't die". And she goes and dies. But I really love her.
Yes, I like alot of people, especially the girls...but REALLY, how can you not like them? :c I have my reasons (:

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Old 2010-08-12, 18:35   Link #53
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Yuri: I've never noticed Yuri being a Tsundere type character, she was not cold towards Otonashi, just thought he was a "Baka" for not believing her at first.

But overall she always makes the smartest decisions, and even when offered the chance to become a god of the computer-type world, she denied it for the love she gained from her friends.

Yui: The love is astonishing indeed.
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Old 2010-08-24, 04:54   Link #54
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Kanade= kawaii
Yui= also kawaii
TK= hilarious
also Naoi: i just love his jokes and ect
AND ROFL, yeah i was seriously laughing so hard when i saw hinata fly twice. XD but those 4 are my favorite
Heiwatsuki is offline  
Old 2010-08-26, 08:07   Link #55
Join Date: Oct 2009
For Girl : OBVIOUSLY Kanade, especially at the end of ep. 13 "because i was able to live because of your heart" This Made My cried.... I like her type more than Yuri and Yui Type

For Boys : Hinata, i always love stupid boy, main-character type... i vote for him more than otonashi, beacuse it seems otonashi didn't have any real speciality to made me like him.
also i don't like him X Yui in the beginning. But the way yui dissappeared is really really great and sad

And the others= TK.

For the other minor character, the tv show only 12 episode about the main character, not like Clannad... so it's hard for me to understand & like them completely
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Old 2010-08-29, 01:35   Link #56
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A vote for Kanade for .....I donno just feel like she is the best.Though Yurippe shows some cute side at the ep13 but still kanade win my vote
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Old 2010-09-02, 05:40   Link #57
Useless Human Being
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..., strong, yet she's also has a cute girly personality

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Old 2010-09-08, 01:38   Link #58
Tomoe Mami Fan
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Call me crazy, but I don't buy the Kanade-moe thing; imo, she's too popular considering her character.

Anyway, Iwasawa blows everyone else out of the water imo. She makes the most sense and I love her character overall. It's a shame she was shafted (along with the rest of the characters that had potential).
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Old 2010-09-08, 23:11   Link #59
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Originally Posted by HitoriTomoyo View Post
Call me crazy, but I don't buy the Kanade-moe thing; imo, she's too popular considering her character.

Anyway, Iwasawa blows everyone else out of the water imo. She makes the most sense and I love her character overall. It's a shame she was shafted (along with the rest of the characters that had potential).
I thought Iwasawa was good too. But every chracter got shafted. I like how they did a Yurippe episode, but I felt like the ending didn't do justice for Yuri and Hinata. I thought it was funny how Kanade disappeared and Yuzuru waved his hands.
Credit to grylsygaeger
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Old 2010-09-16, 06:13   Link #60
white wing
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actually i liked the whole gdm but i only voted for yui anyway

i just liked her, well...she's cute, and well i can't say much it's like love at first sight
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