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Old 2014-10-01, 20:46   Link #1
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Unhappy Looking for non Ecchi action anime

Hey i've been searching for an anime to watch lately that is action packed. I don't mind it being violent or there being language in it as long as there is no nudity or suggestive themes.

Anime's i have like lately are
- Attack on Titan (My absolute favorite)
- Chrome Shelled Regios(Even though the ending was dissapoinging )
- Sword Art Online

Any help would be much obliged

It would be much appriciated if you included a basic story synopsis with your reply

Thanks again
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Old 2014-10-02, 15:04   Link #2
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Claymore - set in knight age, Yoma roam around and eat people. The only ones who can kill them are female warriors Claymore, half human-half Yoma. MC Clare is on a quest in search of a powerful Yoma with whom she has a past.

Hunter x Hunter - Gon, young kid, strives to become a Hunter like his father. Hunters are powerful warriors/explorers who take on various hard tasks. During dangerous Hunter test, Gon meets variety of people with whom he gets to experience lots of adventures. Not to mention that he is in search of his father who is an extremly popular figure in Hunter world.

Tokyo Ghoul - young Kaneki gets attacked by Ghoul, human devouring beings that look like any normal human. Because of an accident he survives but gets Ghoul organs transported into him what causes drastic changes, he strives for human flesh. Now he has to live among cruel, human eating ghoul, but are they really all that bad?

Baccano! - a simple train robbery is being told in such a fascinating way that you can't not enjoy it. No matter how random scenes might look at first, all of them eventually get connected revealing a far bigger picture, not to mention some characters are immortal and most of others crazy.

D.Gray Man - Allen becomes an exorcist and posses cursed eye and anti-Akuma arm. Akuma's are created Millenium Earl and hunt humans. Organization is there to put an end to his dark works as well as stop the family of Noah that posses super abilities and are helping Earl out.

Fate/Zero - several magicians summon all powerful legendary beings and heroes of the past and legends to battle for a Holy Grail that can grant wishes. Both masters and servants have wishes of their own and have to work together to win this war of death.

FMA and FMA: Brotherhood - two brothers Alchemists tried to revive their mother from dead and got punished. Ed loses his leg and arm, while Alphonse his whole body and gets his soul transported to an armour. Now brothers are in search of Philosopher's stone that should be able to help them get their bodies back. However they are not the only ones after it.

These are 2 different seasons. While premises are the same for both, they go by 2 different paths. FMA has anime original story while Brotherhood follows manga. I like both.

Inuyasha - Kagome accidentally opens a portal that takes her to an ancient Japan filled with demons. There she meets Inuyasha, half demon-half human, who is on a hunt of a sacred jewel that can grant wishes (or so I remember). Of course he is not alone who wants it and Kagome decides to help out, finding out that she is not just a normal girl from future.

Magi - anime original take on arabis stories. Magi are powerful magicians who are in search of potential kings to rule over the lands and world.

Seirei no Moribito - Balsa is forced to become a bodyguard of a young prince who is wanted dead by his own father, Emperor.

Zetsuen no Tempest - Aika, young girl, gets murdered. Her brother disappears until one day he comes back with power of magic and warning that world is about to end. He along with his friend try to stop it while in the process searching for a murderer of Aika.

While you said no ecchi, I think you should check out an ongoing Akame ga Kill! . It only has several small perverted scenes, otherwise all decent. Series are about Tatsumi comes to a city to join police force and financially help his village out. Things don't go as he plans and city happens to be hiding dark secrets. In the process, Tatsumi become member of Assassin group that fight the evil of the city.

These should keep you busy for a while.
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Old 2014-10-02, 17:33   Link #3
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Wow thanks that was quick haha I'll for sure check those out
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Old 2014-10-02, 21:05   Link #4
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I pretty much agree with 90% of the suggestions in kitten's post, specifically Baccano!, Fate/Zero, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Black Lagoon is entirely action packed and, save Revi's outfit, is pretty much void of ecchi. 'Suggestive themes', though, include references to booze, rude gestures, and various other potential offensive words and actions, right? Yeah. This has lot of that.

One Piece is personally my favorite ongoing shonen. Good fantasy and adventure, actually does the latter theme properly, and it's easy to enjoy while possessing the depth that keeps more curious watchers involved.

Code Geass is something that should be generally suggested. If you like mechas, then you should watch this. Even if you don't like mecha anime, this has a lot of focus on everything around that too, so it's still worth watching. One of the more interesting anime of its time.

Basilisk is a ninja anime done right. The skills and attitudes they take is better representative of how ninjas should act them some other series portray it. I suggest it to all people who like ninjas or even samurais.

Darker Than Black is a little shaky at times, but still worth watching, I think. Another variation of 'super powers' with interesting rules that limit the users, with a bearable main character. Kind of wish the anime was done properly--the ending annoys me.

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Old 2014-10-03, 18:54   Link #5
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I guess i should have specified i dont care about booze or swearing i just don't want any sexual themes. Thanks for the reply
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Old 2014-10-03, 20:20   Link #6
Cross Game - I need more
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Fullmetal Alchemist is a good choice, both the original and the Brotherhood version.

The original has a strong start in my opinion, but it diverged from the manga, and was a weaker ending compared to Brotherhood. Personally I think it's worth watching both. Two brothers broke the law of alchemy. They were punished, the eldest by losing his arm and leg, and the youngest by losing his body. The youngest is now trapped animating a suit of armor, and the oldest has now set out on a quest to find the Philosopher Stone that will allow him to restore his brother's body.

Full Metal Panic is about a young man Souske Sagara who has been fighting in wars since he was a child. He bumped around until he joined a mercenary army. He has been assigned to enter a Japanese highschool to guard a young woman Kaname who is suspected of being a "whispered" and is being targeted by terrorists. Kaname doesn't know any of this, only that this war crazy boy lacking in any common sense or social graces is following her around everywhere. Hilarity ensues. Barbie doll nudity in the first season opening.

Madoka Magica: Young girls make a contract to become magical girls and fight witches! There are flintlocks that shoot laser beams in the first episodes! It sounds girly, but it's really popular.

Crest of the Stars: Jinto was the son of the President of the plant Martine. Then the Ahb invaded, his father surrendered in exchange for being made part of the Ahb nobility, and Jinto was shipped off to Ahb school. He is now 16 and about to enter the military academy as his noble station requires he enter military service. A terrific space opera, with quite decent space warfare tactics.

Read or Die (OVAs): Yamako Readman is an agent of the British Library (the actual rulers of the world), codename: The Paper. Think mousy librarian crossed with James Bond living in the world of X-Men. She must save the world while trying to recover her stolen book! Will she ever get her book back?

Chrono Crusade: The nun with a gun! Rosette just wants to save her brother, kidnapped by demons. Well, only choice is to become a nun and join the anti-demon forces brigade. Armed with her holy water bullets, Rosette is the best battle nun in the organization. If only she didn't always have so much collateral damage.

Tiger & Bunny
: A tongue in cheek ode to the silver age of superheroes. Superheroes catch criminals, but they gotta pay the bills somehow. Wearing the logos of their corporate sponsors they protect the city from evil doers. Think of this as a buddy cop show only with superheroes instead of cops. Reminds me a lot of Lethal Weapon.

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?

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Old 2014-10-18, 20:57   Link #7
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Does anyone else have any suggestions? thanks for all of them so far
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Old 2014-10-20, 13:41   Link #8
Cross Game - I need more
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: I've moved around the American West. I've lived in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma
Age: 42
Can you tell us which ones you liked best and what you liked about them?

That will help us pick additional anime.

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2014-10-20, 23:31   Link #9
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A fair number of these series are not entirely devoid of sexual themes, but then neither is Sword Art Online. So I'm operating on the assumption that you can tolerate some sexual themes but are trying to avoid straight up ecchi series.

I'll second Black Lagoon, Crest/Banner of the Stars, Full Metal Panic, and Tiger and Bunny. Code Geass has some questionable writing at times but it also has its good points.

I'm also throw in Macross Frontier, the 25th Anniversary sequel to the long running franchise about love triangles, music, and missile spamming jet fighters that can transform into robots. Don't worry, it was made to be accessible to newcomers (despite numerous references to past series). It does have one stupid perverted episode (Episode 8) but otherwise it shouldn't be too bad.
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Old 2014-10-26, 19:17   Link #10
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Thanks for the suggestions ive been watching code geass a lot lately and think it is awesome. ^-^ Its super cool to have so many replies. any other recommendation would be appreciated
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Old 2014-10-31, 16:32   Link #11
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I'll just second Baccano. One of, if not my favorite anime.
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Old 2014-10-31, 17:00   Link #12
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Define Action Packed. lol
I'll give some of my recommendations of my belief of action packed, excuse me if there is minor Ecchi O.o

Dragonball and Dragonball Z, D. Gray-Man, Jormungand, You have to have 'Gurren Lagann', Maybe Legend of Legendary Heroes, Hmm Why not Trigun!, if some of those didn't work hmm try Deadman Wonderland.

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Old 2014-10-31, 19:08   Link #13
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I've seen the suggestions and they're really good. Great choices everyone. On another note: I have a series to suggest to you.


I don't know if you've seen this but why don't you give Katanagatari a shot? It's about a female military strategist named Togame who enlists Shichika, a practitioner (I personally think he's a master) of ancient fighting techniques linked to 12 sacred blades created by a legendary swordsmith that the strategist hires him to obtain for her.

The story is pretty good, the action is great, and the characters are really well done in my opinion. The episodes for each series is close to an hour long, but it's a historical epic that's worth experience and I personally think it'll fit the criterias that you're looking for.
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Old 2014-12-05, 20:45   Link #14
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if you like it really ecchi high school of the dead.
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action, anime, drama, gore, non-ecchi

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