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Old 2018-07-09, 11:53   Link #21
Infinite Zenith
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I didn't laugh at the film in a ha-ha manner like the reviewer said I should, and I wouldn't recommend the film as a time waster It was a bit of an artsy film as far as I could tell, dealing with the "what ifs" of nascent relationships and perhaps, succeeding in conveying to viewers just how messy things can sometimes be, by confusing them in equal measure.
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Old 2018-07-17, 22:38   Link #22
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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OK, saw it in the Toronto International Film Festival, and I must say, it has two thing going for it:

1) Art
Goddamit, watching Senjougahara-clone throughout the movie was pretty nice. And as an anime movie, some of the scenes were breathtaking

2) The Ending
Fuck, I loved the ending. It implies either they really eloped, or Norimichi skipped school to see Nazuna on that day. My guess? They actually went to Tokyo that was shown in the shards. In any case, I fugging love Japanese endings like this where they just imply what the ending is rather than outright tell you.

Two things I found bad about it are:

1) The Romance
As much as I'm a childhood friend fanatic, I think the lead-up to Nazuna wanting to be with Norimichi was a bit shallow. You really get this feeling that she really did NOT care about who she ran away with, then all we get after that is that Nazuna bet on the winner because she wanted him to win, and that of all the boys she only calls Norimichi by first name (I'm a dumbass since I thought Norimichi was the only one she was calling by family name at first). Also understandable where she would know where the family doctor is (so she knows Yusuke's house) but there is no connection for her to know where Norimichi lives, unless of course they've known each other for a while now. Still even I think that is lacking, and so I wish they developed it more.

2) The Fantasy Aspect
Man, it's so frigging obvious they wanted to ride on the Your Name hype train, and all it does is that it comes across as a second rate knock-off. IMO less fantasy, and more focus on the romance... from what I read on this thread, the original wasn't even about romance, so they should have double downed on it already. But I guess this is where the artsy stuff comes into play, but IMO it does come off as a bit pretentious.

One thing I find TERRIBLY bad is the JP voice actor for Norimichi. Well, maybe also Suzu Hirose, but I'm too big a fan of her in dramas to make an unbiased judgement (IMO she could be a VA if she wanted to shift jobs NP). In any case, I really should have went to a dub showing, but sadly all of those were during lunch time, and work beckons.

Oh well, at least HanaKana is in it. She sounds most un-HanaKana for the most part (she really doesn't get an older teacher character), but some inflections are just a big giveaway. XD

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Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)
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