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Old 2015-01-19, 19:17   Link #1
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Endless Legend - Fantasy 4x Game

So I didn't see a thread for the game and I recently got into trying this out after seeing a ton of people on 4chan talking about it. It's a pretty interesting 4x style game I think. Haven't really played seriously with it yet but I really like how all the factions I've tried at least feel and play very differently. Like one faction I tried out, the Broken Lords, they're basically animated armor so they unlike other factions they don't use food as a resource at all. They buy city population through using the dust resource, which is pretty much the money resource. So with good dust production you can pretty much instantly expand out new cities as you settle them.

Another thing I found interesting was the Heroes / Equipment mechanic for units. Basically You start with one Hero and you can get more Heroes through the mercenary recruitment once you unlock the tech for it. Basically Heroes can be used as army commanders providing bonuses to the armies you attach them to or as governors of cities where they can provide bonuses to the city's production values. Heroes will also come with a variety of starting skills so making sure to grab ones early on that have good skills for city governing is a good thing since later Heroes you hire will be level 2, 3, 4 etc and already have skill points used usually in spots you wouldn't want. The different factions Heroes also have different skills, I think the Cultists are a little overpowered as Governor Heroes though as their faction tree gives 45% to everything but industry while also letting them pick up inspiration leader from the middle common section which gives 20% to everything. I mean it's good that you can get other faction heroes but it seems weird that the Cultists are so far above all the others at least for City governing.

Anyway that's enough of that, curiously if anyone else has tried the game out and what they think?

I was influenced by a certain group overflowing with madness and started trying to write a story. Please give it a try. Crashed into Fantasy
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Old 2015-01-19, 20:28   Link #2
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I've been watching Quill18 play it on YouTube and have to say it does look pretty cool. I was seriously tempted to get it during the sale.

I really liked the upgrading units as well, seemed pretty interesting from what I remember. The region system they used was also interesting from what I remember.
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Old 2015-01-19, 20:49   Link #3
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I've heard some really positive reviews about this, really curious.
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Old 2015-01-19, 21:26   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Mr Hat and Clogs View Post
I really liked the upgrading units as well, seemed pretty interesting from what I remember. The region system they used was also interesting from what I remember.
Regions can be really fun unless as you proceed through the eras and unlock the visibility of the higher tier resources you find that the places you settle don't seem to have any of them. From what I can tell every region will have 5 resources. So if you settle in a place near the start of the game that only has one or two it means 3 or 4 of the other resources for the region are either tier 2 or tier 3. So of course it's the same as basically a Civ game not knowing where the stuff will be.

An example from my last game, the first place I settled only had one strategic resource then when I hit era 3? I think it is when the tier 2 resources appear, I found that all the other slots in the region were just luxury resources that weren't exactly useful for my faction. Which meant that region turned out to basically be a waste. Of course I'd already spent 30ish turns there so I didn't want to just burn it down but I pretty much just sold all the resources I was producing there.

I think the biggest complaint I have is some of the quests can be insanely annoying to do. For instance you can't attack ships at all, so if you get a quest to kill a roaming army in a region, the roaming army will almost without fail immediately after spawning run off the coast and just go back and forth as a ship making it impossible to finish the quest unless you bring multiple armies and surround the ship and try to force it to move to the coast as it's only possible path.

I was influenced by a certain group overflowing with madness and started trying to write a story. Please give it a try. Crashed into Fantasy
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Old 2015-01-23, 00:17   Link #5
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It's a decent 4X game, it's a bit of MOO (master of orion) in fantasy setting with a healthy dose of WH40k influence it. If you played Endless Space, this is just the same game in fantasy setting.

You can hire heroes to either govern your city or command your army stack. There's also a quest system included in the exploration (kinda like Civ Beyond Space) that rewards you tech or resources as you complete them. The barbarian of the game can also be pacified and assimilate into your empire so you gain new unit type for your army.

The major flaw of the game is the combat system and diplomacy. The combat is sorta of quasi turn based tactic game but you lack precise control over your units which makes it frustrating. Most of the time i just auto my combat and make up for the losses with the raw production power of my empire.

Diplomacy is just stupid and most of the time unfair. Not only i have to compensate any diplomatic deal with the AI (despite being monstrously overpowering them) but they are also too stingy with their surrender offer. Rather than wasting any influence point (diplomatic currency), it's just better to wipe them off the map.
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Old 2015-01-23, 00:25   Link #6
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I've found their idea of AI difficulty to be sorely disappointing and discouraging. Rather than creating difficulty levels corresponding to AI intelligence, they compensate by giving the AI unfair boosts throughout the entire game in higher difficulties; their intelligence is no different between the easiest and most difficult levels.
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Old 2015-01-23, 03:19   Link #7
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I've won several games on Serious on this game and Endless Space. There is one most important thing that this game and Endless Space is rather questionable: the battles. I think I get that they want to take away from the traditional Civ style battles and thus are experimenting around, but it hasn't worked for me personally. In this game particularly, unless you are utilizing ranged units and/or severely outmatched, it's generally better to leave the battles on auto, you will often get less damage on your units. Get enough armies, then you will faceroll absolutely everyone all on auto. And with AIs never bothering to defend their cities, your job becomes even easier. At least ES actually forces you to make the effort on actually capturing enemy planets (until you get the planetary invasion troop, it's the same face rolling after that).
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Old 2015-03-11, 01:57   Link #8
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This game...


Goddamnit Firaxis WTF are you doing?


If you had a problem:

Vaulters: Wall it. (My favorite faction and solution... let them die in winter while my armies enjoy the cities)
Ardent Mages: Shoot it.
Drakken: Talk it to death.
Roving Clans: Walk Away from it or Bribe it.
Necrophage: Eat it.
Cultist: Corrupt it.
Wild Walkers: Ignore it.
Broken Lords: ... (Haven't played these guys)

Each faction is completely different.

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