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Old 2012-12-08, 12:17   Link #241
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^ ahaha man, don't know why you felt the need to have that itemized, and answered point by point and clearly we agree on some and definitely disagree on others,most of which are opinions that's why i said it's "questionable" not outright "wrong"or "evil" or" whatever", again i definitely didn't like it.

But it's not even the point so i wouldn't even try to reply, for it will just get Tangential fast. and i don't have the energy for it >.<
If you would read the previous post this is just an answer to Chaos2frozen's question.

my original post he is referring to was a SHORTie, a query on Rita's actions (the very fact she's doing those actions...) overflowing the bounds of Triple_R's Freedom of Expression idea. that is all.
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Old 2012-12-08, 15:33   Link #242
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Must we choose sides and lay down firm black and white judgement on these matters? The series materials deal with stuffs that shouldn't be treated as simple nor clear cut. In my opinion, all characters are exhibiting bit of selfishness and other not so good things along with good intentions and genuine care for the people around them. The ideal response and ensuing actions to them will likely be complicated and filled with compromises if you view it from realistic perspective. For once I wonder if the series writers and producers be smarter and wiser than most of us here. I have a feeling that in end, the characters in the series will end up making wise compromises that isn't totally to their liking in emotional level, but livable and sustainable compromises they can convince themselves to be the best course possible.

Last edited by wontaek; 2012-12-08 at 15:49.
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Old 2012-12-13, 08:32   Link #243
It's yuri, bitches
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Wow, Ryuunosuke is much hotter than I expected. Really girly, though.
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Old 2013-01-20, 22:58   Link #244
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Twice now in the series, it has been mentioned that talented individuals can 'destroy' those around them, but talent can just as easily be self-destructive. Being a genius isn't necessarily a blessing.
Far too often throughout history, truly brilliant people end up either falling apart psychologically, or end up dying young. If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't have proverbs like, "the light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long." If you want an example of what I'm talking about, look up Charlie Parker.

While Shiina Mashiro appears to be very strong when focused on her work, I can't help get the impression that she's a rather delicate girl. I would not surprise me in the slightest if she suffers some kind of emotional breakdown in the series, or in the ongoing light novels/manga.
Sorata should completely set aside any petty feelings of inadequacy and simply be a rock for her to lean on when things get hard. He's welcome to have opinions about where her time is best spent, but simple support and encouragement of her artistic searching is probably the proper path here.

She's such a sweetheart... I personally don't see why he WOULDN'T want to do everything he can for her, regardless of direction. Typical wishy-washy 'anime-guy' character, I guess.
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Old 2013-01-21, 01:54   Link #245
神の金槌 (ユダ=マーテル)
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Well, Sorata has his own issues, but Mashiro has such unique issues that being with a girl like her can be considered both a blessing and a curse.

Sure, you can do for her whatever you like (just don't try that kind of stuff, though), but that means you basically have to baby-sit her until she manages to do mundane things on her own, which could take quite a long time depending on your handling.
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Old 2013-02-02, 02:42   Link #246
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I wanted to punch Kanda through the screen when this episode ended. And not just a light one either. But one to put him through a wall. And it would have felt oh so satisfying for me. And then afterwords, I'd have chewed his ass out infront of everyone in the art area.
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Old 2013-11-10, 06:23   Link #247
Kimi no na wa?!
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The only thing I can think of whenever I hear Ryuunosuke is Riki from Little Busters.

EDIT: Looking back, I think Rita may be feeling a sense of inadequacy, not unlike the kind presented in the school festival arc of Hyouka.

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