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Gundam 00 multimedia collab fan proj-seeking amv/animator fOP/ED and help w fic.

Proj Name Gundam 00 Custom Mod

Rewrite of Gundam 00 (first season left intact).

Breif sum: two of the four thought dead were rescued by Kataron, Marina steps up and does so much more than be a glorified sitter, Regene makes his position clear instead of playing the fence, and the crew finds love, acceptance, family (Lilo/Stitch quotes included), and a second chance in each other as they make some unexpected allies (thanks to Marina) to save the world from Ribbons, who goes stark raving mad (See "Nice Job Breaking It, Hero"). Also, Anew may have done more good for the world than CB ever could. LGBTQIA+ positive/friendly (as opposed to queercoding in original).

2nd season rewrite (Comprised of 3-4 "Albums", four four-shot prequels "Maxi Singles" following Tieria and Feldt, Lyle, Anew and Regene, one sequel "Album" leading to "Maxi Single"movie, one "Golden Best Collection" following sequel detailling their lives in this new world.

As of date of post 21 June 2014, still finishing up season 2 in Japanese, next phase to begin s2 fic translation w/other fic person.

Each arc/Album has a theme for the music. I can edit music (once dabbled in making Electronic music) to fit avg. OP/ED length.

Orig animation preferable, even if sketchy and rough (like A-Ha's "Take On Me" when the comic book comes to life, that's fine, as long as it's moving) or AMV, if it is possible to make it make sense here.

I do have some AMV experience, I just have a netbook from 2010 as my primary computer.

EDIT: Apparently, there's a thing where one person runs everyone else around. This is not that. We will agree on a song within paramaters (Each arc has a musical theme of some sorts), but that's about it. I can supply a HQ copy of the song, and I can also edit it to fit the length, but that's me providing support. Most of this will be on you. It may be just as much a song you suggest and I like as the other way around, THIS IS TEAMWORK. I don't even have full control over the fic (my part) just a large portion of it.

If you would like to join, there are also proj specific joint accounts. In the profile, under your blurb, pointing the audience to your reg accounts is encouraged.

REPEAT: THIS IS A TEAM, NOT A BOSS-MINION PROJECT. You are rightfully entitled to control of your productions here.

Also, I would like some suggestions for my part, paticularly having trouble with Saji, one OC (all OCs are minor parts-he's from Kataron's Ethipoian branch, yes I am adding African people bc their near-abscence pissed me off), and whatever I should do for Mileina's verbal tic in EN ver. Pls Ideapool below.

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amv, collaboration, gundam 00, lgbt, strong female

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