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Old 2015-12-25, 12:00   Link #1
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Wonder Rabbit Girl

Nanami Rei has always lived his life in his brother's shadow. He can't talk to girls, he's not athletic, his grades aren't good. Ren is smart, popular, everything but most importantly, never judged Rei for his faults or lifestyle. But suddenly, Ren loses his mind and he could only shout words in terror about Wonder Rabbit Girl! Rei, seeking out revenge, decides to investigate disguised as Ren. His only clue is his brother's usb drive. There, a list of the schools's girls with names and their fetishes. Rei believes that one of these girls must be Wonder Rabbit Girl.
So far there are 3 chapters up (as far as I know) and I gotta say I'm liking it, the mc might just be the second coming of Katsuragi Keima... if he were in a more "mature" setting.

So as for the latest chapter, this guy has a talent of playing into each girls fetish, man a list like that could really come in handy.
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Old 2015-12-25, 17:56   Link #2
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Feels like his job is role-playing honestly.
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Old 2015-12-25, 18:04   Link #3
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I dropped it at chap 1 didn't really hook me, the art is pretty good though.
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