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View Poll Results: Did you think Kiminozo had a good ending?
Played game, thought ending was good 23 6.57%
Played game, thought ending was bad 11 3.14%
Didn't play game, thought ending was good 202 57.71%
Didn't play game, thought ending was bad 114 32.57%
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Old 2008-03-12, 19:39   Link #101
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Age: 29
I didn't play the game but I thought the ending was pretty bad. I mean, it was a pretty realistic ending that could have ended any better. I liked the ending but for a series like this, a good ending is damn near impossible.
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Old 2008-03-17, 18:34   Link #102
Not Enough Sleep
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Originally Posted by Muyasuki View Post
I didn't play the game but I thought the ending was pretty bad. I mean, it was a pretty realistic ending that could have ended any better. I liked the ending but for a series like this, a good ending is damn near impossible.
You said it was realistic then said it was a bad ending. So what is your suggestion for a good ending? a non-realistic ending?
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Old 2008-04-09, 05:25   Link #103
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Anyways, in my honest opinion, I thought Mitsuki and Takayuki deserved to be together and although Haruka and Takayuki did date, and Haruka's time was stopped three years ago, Mitsuki is the better companion. However, the part that really, really bothered me was Mitsuki cheating on Takayuki with Shinji. I mean... come on how's this: "I cheated on you with your best friend". I understand Mitsuki was hurt and all, but she was half-sober and Shinji was Takayuki's best friend.
Same. After six episodes of wallowing in the same theme I was getting pretty bored, but Mitsuki's cheating came as a blow to everything I was expecting from the serie. Frankly, I got so disgusted with it that it didn't matter anymore how it would end, since that kind of a act was in no way justified. To her defence, though, I have to say that the protagonist was exceptionally impotent. He didn't only slack with holding on to what he got, but also allowed himself to be beaten up like a sorry dog!

So having two of the main-cast turn ugly is a disaster to the serie. I can't see what they authors were thinking with this pull: almost like they intentionally wanted to shoot their serie to the head. Very disappointing, really, since for a while the Mitsuki/Protagonist relationship looked refreshingly mature and real. If I could had chosen, I would had stopped the hospital melodrama at episode 5 and watched what happens when an old lover comes back after three years. How has she changed? How would the three of them cope? To name a few questions arising immediately after. But as it is, I would much rather cut a finger than watch the serie again.

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Old 2008-09-19, 03:40   Link #104
Version 3.0
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Location: Hawaii
Age: 31
I didn't play the game, but I did watch all 14 episodes of Rumbling Hearts. I thought the ending was bad. It really shocked me when

Maybe what I'm trying to say is that, what ever happened in the past, was the past, but new things can be created little by little if you give them a chance. I thought thats what Takayuki and Haruka were going to do...regain Haruka's lost time by spending more time with each other. But that didn't happen.

So the ending was shocking and bad for me. I did not expect that at all.

I guess its time to watch Next Season.
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Old 2008-11-01, 04:09   Link #105
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Didn't play the game, and I thought the ending was good.
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Old 2008-12-10, 13:33   Link #106
Ronin Aquila
Sky Warrior
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Age: 37
How the HELL does Mitsuki cope with mere mediocrity when she STILL has the makings of a God-Amongst-Men, but can NEVER get that chance back?

If I were in her situation, I would have killed myself rather than living in the shame of being a nobody. Of everyone in this tragedy, I felt the most for her as she has lost the most and gained so little, so WORTHLESS in return.

How the hell did she NOT kill herself?
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Old 2009-01-20, 15:01   Link #107
Mad Scientist #0000
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I think the end were a bit sad...because of Takayuki's "incompetence" both girls and the people around them were suffered. I think it would be cheesy if Takayuki were ended up with Haruka. a one month length relationship almost never weights more than a 2 year long relationship. And at the begining it's hinted that he's going out at the start with Haruka because he can't with Mitsuki and she's Mitsuki's friend. Then there's a turning point where he's sorry for Haruka and he says that he loves her because of pity at first then he finds out how gentle and nice she is. So first a must then a pity and at the end admiration was his source of "love". I don't think it's a certain true love. After the Accident the thing that bound Takayuki to her was guilt and responsibility. For me it's quite obvious that he will ends up with Mitsuki because he always said himself that he loves Mitsuki. It's true that there were some moments when he had gone weak and drawn closer and closer to Haruka but 2 years with his first crush is not easily forgetable. If he chosed Haruka then it's just simply from responsibility and guilt. It's funny but at the end the main reason that he told to haruka is the same as his "love" to her(Haruka): guilt and responsibility...but it's obviously not only it. The 2 years with Mitsuki were much closer to the deffiniton of true love. They were soul mates and it was balanced(not one sided as Haruka's where he sacraficies things for haruka in just for her kindness and love...not a balanced relation in my view). The thing that i hated is Takayuki's suddenly growing ignorance and coldness to Mitsuki . That change in my opinion a plot error that used for making Mitsuki suffering more and setting up a seemingly undecided love triangle. That thing was the main reason for the broken friendship beetween the 4 friends at the end. I think if Takayuki was a bit more watchfull to Mitsuki's feelings then that great rift beetween the friends have never happened and we got an almost truly happy ending where Mitsuki and Haruka remain close friends and everybody remain at the town.

Conclusion: it's a correct ending but somewhat bittersweet. Not a bad ending but the last scene was a bit cliche.
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Old 2009-03-01, 22:05   Link #108
Join Date: Jan 2009
I didn't like the ending(I hate Mitsuki) but I thought it was good in the sense that it was done well. There was closure for all the characters, and it was generally a happy ending, kinda.
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Old 2009-03-12, 00:36   Link #109
Alto x Ranka :)
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I didn't play the games but...

One thing that I learned about this series is not to rely so much on a person. It's good to have support from others but in Mitsuki's case it wasn't, because her love for Takayuki left him as the only valued person in her life. Even if Takayuki chose Mitsuki, there is something inside me that still says that he loved Haruka, guilt was a factor but the time he spent with her before the accident was unconditional love. I think it was a first experience for both of them at that time and it was something that I actually admired because this is not something that we get in real life very often. In my opinion Mitsuki made too many selfish mistakes for me to even like her much during the series.

I felt sorry for her but I just didn't appreciate the way she threw herself at Takayuki and even had the nerve to tell him to stop seeing Haruka because of her jealousy towards Haruka. I felt sorry for her since Takayuki really was all she had left but in all honesty, it was her fault and her decision, just like the series demonstrated to us, life isn't fair. Cutting her hair was a mistake as well in my opinion because that really represented her independence and the dreams she had but she gave it all up for Takayuki who really didn't ask that of her but Mitsuki was too blinded by her own love. It's nice to love but not blindly. At first I was reluctant about Haruka, although I do like shy girls, her timidness was exaggerated but after she warmed up and began to develop, she grew into the humble girl that I loved. I honestly would have enjoyed the series more had Haruka awoken from her coma earlier rather than later but this show is more about the tragedy and drama than happiness. All in all, I enjoyed the series and it exemplified how cruel life can really be. Well that's my 2 cents
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Old 2009-03-12, 04:56   Link #110
A blast from the past
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Good Lord, we really tend to get into the opposite ends of fandom for all kinds of series, eh, Dex?
It's always a great time to immerse yourself in Deculture love!
All hail the Empress!!!

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Old 2009-03-12, 05:06   Link #111
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Gee, DeXxy will we ever have something in common?
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Old 2009-03-12, 05:45   Link #112
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Haruka's a lovely girl, but if her ex-boyfriend were someone other then after he wakes up she may never met with him again(because that person probably have another girlfriend long time ago...or even a family). The same thing would happened in the real life but more cruelly because in general a relationship that lasted for a month<relationship lasted for 2 years(perhaps there's exeptions but it's not Haruka's case)

And at the start there were light vibes that indicated that Takayuki was more interested in Mitsuki and at first he accepted Haruka's love because he's a "kind person"(the real[smart?] kind persons can think about the consequences better). So in practice even if she'll never know that in practice her deed wasn't stealing(or not so surely). And i think Takayuki would have refused Mitsuki after the night if he didn't have feelings for her.

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Old 2009-03-12, 11:04   Link #113
A blast from the past
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Fortaleza-CE, Brazil
Age: 41
That's exactly the whole point of "first impressions": Takayuki was interested in Mitsuki, not Haruka. They made it quite clear, in the very first episode. But, the tragedy is exactly what happens when some opportunities pass you by (or present themselves).

I dunno... this was a very heavy series. Still get emotional just thinking about some parts of it.
It's always a great time to immerse yourself in Deculture love!
All hail the Empress!!!

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Old 2009-03-12, 15:23   Link #114
Mad Scientist #0000
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Yes...I think she should have restarted her career as swimmer. MayÝbe she have painfull memories about the swimming that's why she never resumed her dream.

Takayuki is an interesting matter. He had problems understanding Mitsuki. Until Haruka didn't wake up Takayuki almost forgotten Haruka. But after the massage from Akane he suddenly remembered her. He felt guilt again and somehow felt responsible for her. He constantly confirmed that he LOVE Mitsuki(until about ep 10-13). He felt more and more guilty about her as he spent more and more time with her. And his memories about her and their relationship(not exactly the whole only the good points in it...ecause the accident it remnained constantly in his memory and over the time it became more and more sweeter). It created an illusion of "ideal love" for Takayuki...and he became addicted to that. Mitsuki noticed that and she bacame worried about it. Mitsuki's actions was like when someone tries to make someone giving up drugs. The person becomes angared about that...because he/she sees nothing wrong in doing that.
The only thing that Mitsuki seen otherwise that she thought that she was just a replacement for Takayuki's "Haruka addicttion"(in a nostalgic way). Deffinietly she was at the start but he seemed to recuperate fromit until Akane's call.
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Old 2009-03-13, 04:22   Link #115
Observer/Bookman wannabe
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Didn't play the game, thought that the anime ending was realistic/good. Every character didn't catch their trains at some time during the series. Also, be it pride or something else, the lack of letting some cool-headed adult console the lot makes me cringe. It is painful to watch, in that regard.
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Old 2011-07-23, 10:45   Link #116
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Location: USA
I hate the ending, but I love it.

I hate how he didn't end up with Haruka. It's just sad that though Haruka never did anything bad, she was left alone. I cried.

But I guess that's what made me like the ending - sad, but you see them grow and be strong. I tried watching the alternate ending, but I dropped it after the first episode. Don't get me wrong... I'm all for Haruka! But I believe that's the best ending <3

She doesn't deserve Takayuki so it's alright. HAHAHA
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Old 2012-06-14, 11:13   Link #117
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Hello turns out i watched volume 3 thinking it was volume 1!! Arghh I'm so angry at myself haha, So now i gotta watch volume 1 and 2 then i can rate the overall anime.

But I'm terms of the ending i though it was alright there was no cliffhangers just Haruka continuing her dream of writing children's stories and Takayuki and Mitsouko continuing there love by the looks of things, But i think Mitsouko should of told her love for Takayuki in the first place instead of letting Haruka for fill her dreams of being with him.
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Old 2012-10-19, 15:03   Link #118
Stardust is Delicious~!
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I absolutely ADORED the farewell part of the ending. Best breakup scene I've ever seen in anime!
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