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Old 2012-10-04, 13:19   Link #941
Master of The Sword
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Originally Posted by snakethzero View Post
I think most of the ideas here are off, when isshin had appeared in the series he seemed to have just recovered his powers. Lets face it he never even released Engetsu into its shikai form unless its like Zangetsu which is always in shikai but why no bankai?? Either he held back on purpose to help his son gain power and become more mature or he was unable to tap his full power due to just getting them back.

Its my guess he is from the royal guard it would explain why the Gotei 13 has no knowledge of him being within they're ranks but I have a feeling the last arc is going to let everything out in the open.

Or it could just be that Isshin WAS a substitute like Ichigo and he had to use the final getsuga tenshou in the past to stop a powerful enemy and lost his powers as a result.

Either I cant wait to findout.
He deliberately hid himself from the Gotei 13, so its very likely they could know him. Chances are 'Kurosaki' isn't even his real name.....

His sword is probably always in a released state. Its just that he seemed to hve only gotten his power back recently, so he couldn't use bankai...
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Old 2012-10-31, 06:31   Link #942
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Originally Posted by Gin View Post
wow that sure is a ground-breaking theory, its almost like you didnt just re-type what has been said on every single page of this thread at least once
Hahaha stupid ass I was right about Ichigo being half Quincy dumbass and the most fucked up I called this shit years ago woot woot \m/
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Old 2013-03-06, 12:20   Link #943
King Lycan
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I'm disappointed I thought Isshin would be at least former captain of Squad Zero but Squad 10 ehhh weak
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Old 2013-03-06, 13:02   Link #944
Kyero Fox
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Originally Posted by King Lycan View Post
I'm disappointed I thought Isshin would be at least former captain of Squad Zero but Squad 10 ehhh weak
He wouldn't have been able to leave or even go out of the palace or at the very least to SS.
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Old 2013-03-06, 20:03   Link #945
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I guess all of those theories about Isshin being an RG went out the window...
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