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Old 2010-05-03, 15:18   Link #1
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And yet another romance/drama thread , but not quite the same :P

Greetings and Salutations !

I'm looking for some specific type anime, as i do have a few points i require.

so here are the specifics:

I) story ; I do need a proper story to follow and be intrested in the anime .

II) character interaction ; basically , that it's fun to watch the characters interact with each other (be it the only 2 main chars even)

III) actual romance evident in the series ; basically , what most animes do is have 2 main heroes dance and prance around for an entire anime , then discover their love in the final episode and boom it's over.

to be honest the only 3 animes that pop into mind are KGNE , Koi Kaze and Rec (maybe ah my goddess does that as well , but i watched it several years ago so i dont remember all the details). where there is a romantic interaction with the characters during the anime and not just the final episode when they all find out they like eachother and live happily ever after. edit : chobits also comes to mind , a lovely anime

the only thing i truely hate is mecha. besides that , a bonus for nice animation. a bonus for intresting characters. giant bonus if there's any type of fighting involved (sword/gun play ). and im not a big fan of harem anime to be honest.

also not some passive/stupid/annoying male lead

if the anime is good enough i can live with any pacing , but i do prefer a proper pacing where something actually happens every episode :P

damn , im picky :P but oh well , that's life. any help would be much appriciated

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Old 2010-05-03, 15:52   Link #2
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These series actually show the characters dating, as boyfriend/girlfriend and in relationships as a couple. Some are anime, some are manga.

Bokura ga Ita Nanami and Yano are dating and in a genuine, sincere relationship. Yano is popular and a ladies' man and starts dating Nanami. Yano seems carefree, but had a past, his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him was killed, and he had sex with someone close to his current girlfriend, Nanami. Nanami is fascinated by her boyfriend, Yano's past, but is also scared by his behavior changes. Great dialogue, realistic romance.

Mars Kira and Rei are boyfriend and girlfriend throughout this 15 volume manga. Rei rides motorcycles and parties hard and is deeply devoted to Kira. He has a dark past. Kira is shy and introverted because she was raped as a teen. Rei is her boyfriend, and the one guy she trusts, but it is hard for her to have sex with him because of her past. They date, have sex, move in together, get engaged and heal each other, going through emotional, pivotal trials as a couple.

Kare First Love Karin and Kiriya are dating and in a committed relationship. Kiriya is a popular party boy with a dark past, who is devoted to Karin. Karin is shy and awkward and nervous about having sex with Kiriya and insecure. Together, they navigate a deep, committed relationship.

The Devil Does Exist Kayano and Takeru are boyfriend and girlfriend, dating and in a deep relationship. Takeru gets into trouble and is a rebel, Kayano is sweet and shy. They are dating and deeply in love, but their parents are getting married, which threatens their relationship. Kayano and Takeru are in a mature, committed relationship.

Kare Kano Yukino and Soichiro are in a committed relationship and have a deep connection, they both have dark pasts and put on masks, and as they are a couple, they come closer to discovering their true selves.

Fushigi Yuugi Miaka and Tamahome are in a deep, epic, committed relationship as a couple. They get engaged, are deeply in love and have an epic fantasy romance. Tamahome is a character from a book and Miaka goes into the book and dates him. He eventually comes out of the boo and lives in her world as her boyfriend and fiance, Taka. The Fushigi Yugi manga is much longer and better than the anime.

Ayashi no Ceres Aya and Tooya are in a passionate sexual relationship. In the manga they makeout and have sex in hotel rooms and are very sexually active and have a child. The conflict is that Tooya has lost his memories and was hired to kill Aya. The two are sexually involved, but have very dark, tragic secrets. The Ceres Celestial Legend manga is much longer than the anime.

Paradise Kiss Yukari and George have a deep, intimate, sexual relationship.

High School Debut Haruna and Yoh are boyfriend and girlfriend and dating and in a committed relationship. Yoh is cool and mysterious, he has experience and is popular. Haruna is clueless and awkward, Yoh is her first boyfriend and Haruna makes every relationship mistake possible, but Yoh loves her all the same.

Wild Act Yuniko and Ryu are boyfriend and girlfriend and in a loving sexual relationship. Yuniko is a thief, Ryu is a famous actor, the two are dating and have sex and are deeply in love, but find out they might actually be brother and sister after having sex.

Happy Hustle High Hanabi and Yasuki are boyfriend and girlfriend, dating and in a sweet, loving relationship.

Sailor Moon Usagi and Mamoru are deeply in love and have an epic romance in the manga. The two were reincarnated lovers from a past life. Mamoru rescues Usagi as Tuxedo Mas. The two fall in love and begin dating. Mamoru is kidnapped and brainwashed by the dark kingdom and Usagi must battle him. Usagi and Mamoru continue to date and have a relationship and then meet their future daughter, Chibi-Usa. Usagi and Mamoru travel to the future and meet their future selves, who are married and king and queen. Usagi and Mamoru continue dating and having a deep, passionate romance while saving the earth.

Marmalade Boy Miki and Yuu are dating and living together after their parents divorce and remarry, but a secret could tear their relationship apart.

Ultra Cute Ami and Tamon are dating and in a relationship and experience young love as a couple.

Missile Happy! Mikako and Rou are boyfriend and girlfriend and in a sweet, loving relationship.

Peach Girl Momo has two boyfriends, mysterious, cool Touji and wild, flirty Kairi. Sex, misunderstandings and drama ensue.

Sand Chronicles Serious romance/drama manga.

Akuma De Sourou, Fushigi Yugi, Ceres Celestial Legend, so many great romance/drama. Fushigi Yugi and Ceres Celestial Legend manga are much longer than the anime versions.

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Old 2010-05-03, 16:30   Link #3
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wow i must say that is the best and most detailed suggestion post i ever got. paradise kiss is the only one of those that i watched already but they all look very good and i will definately check them all out. i just started Planet ES so once i'm done with that i believe i will check out mars first.

many thanks for the great post , i doubt i will be out of something to read / watch for quite a while.
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Old 2010-05-04, 12:05   Link #4
Team Spice and Wolf UK
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Spice and Wolf. All about the growing depth of the relationship of the two main characters as they travel and the interactions are superb. The story starts off with them meeting and things unfold from there. Whilst this stops the entire series being fullfronted romance, there are more than enough 'dawwww' moments as they get closer. This may make it too early days for you, but the series does make up for that with the banter! The two do make it pretty obvious how they feel though, even if not always to the other.

And yes I do recommend it a lot as I love the series and main characters.
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