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He who writes too much.
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Loremaster's Fanfiction

Greetings and Salutations

The Number Six series is one of the two series currently ongoing. Being the rewrite of 'A Certain' a series which was my first ever fanfiction work. This story is an alternative world of the Index/Railgun franchise which focuses on the story around the sixth ranked level Five.

If you looking for something which closely relates to the original series as possible than check out my other series known as a 'Descensional Railgun.'

Just general warning, that since this is fanfiction things are likely to be different which includes the story obviously and maybe some general rules. This particular one is a rewritten version of an older fanfiction which was based off some different rules for the universe. Which also includes alternative histories. So while it works differently in some aspect which you may find I do hope you guys enjoy it overall.

A Content warning should also be advised that there is violence and suggested adult themes. According to Fanfiction rating system it would be T.

The first series this was based on was written a few years back, when I didn't have much knowledge on the universe. While the intention was to write a grand plot for why the Sixth ranked level five is such a mystery. The core concept of this series is about 'free will' and the consequences of that gift which would lead back to the story of Lucifer's Fall.

Once again I will warn you not to take anything serious in this fiction piece as canon. Since clearly it's not the case and you have some characters with alternatives lives in comparison to the canon version.

Number Six Series
The following stories will be in chronological order.

(SS) Origins Completed
The Stuart Family has ruled the British Isles in the shadow of the three factions for many generations. Gaining their power from the legends of old and from those same legends so does their nightmare. A war which has been raging in the shadows reaches a stalemate on the eve of a certain boy's birth.

Origins SS Chapter

(SS) A Certain Hidden Operation Completed
Look back into the past and witness one of the many missions that has occurred over those eight long years. The time when people feared the weapon known as Stuart and that no one was safe. Not even the children of God. This was just a simple mission, nothing more and nothing less.

Hidden Operation SS Chapter

(SS) A Certain Christmas Eve Completed
What started out as a simple shopping trip would end up being an important moment in history. As with Imperator less than a year from beginning, the world holds it breath as three magicians risk it all to challenge the lion in his den. It is never too late to learn the important lessons of life which had been denied so long.
Chapter 1: On that Christmas Eve
Chapter 2 A Lesson to be Learned

(Book 1) A Certain Original Level Five
It has been two years since an incident that changed Academy City forever. And on its second anniversary, one of its darkest secrets has returned with broken memories. He is the Original Level five and officially ranked sixth among the seven. His return will set in motion a series of events that will shake the very foundation of the science world.

Chapter Index
Chapter 1 - Ghosts of the Past
Chapter 2 - The Boy with Broken Memories
Chapter 3 - Moving On
Chapter 4 - A Certain Cellular Incident
Chapter 5 - A Long day ahead
Chapter 6 - Moving Shadows

Character Roster
Here will be a list of characters appearing throughout the series. This includes the likes of originally made characters like Eolas or known characters like Misaka. This is mostly because there is differences in the backgrounds of various characters in this alternative universe to the Index/Railgun setting.

This will be done by writing a character sheet for each one like we all do creating a character on here. Thinking it's best to write it in a format we're all use to by now.

Main Characters
Mikoto Misaka

This section would be dedication any terms used or new groups, factions or historical events mentioned in the series unique to this alternative universe only.

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He who writes too much.
Join Date: Jul 2013
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Age: 26
Thread update with new links and information regarding the series. Also currently going through a revision period of current chapters to fix English errors.
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