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Originally Posted by Maho Momo View Post
Don't throw around harsh generalizations like that. If Rosa was a man, I'd still feel the same way. There is hope for Rosa unlike with Teppei. He raped Satoko (or so it was suggested), was never nice to her, abused her a lot more, made her his personal servant, kept her away from her friends, and pretty much just ruined her life completely.

Maria's problems with her mother are different. She obviously loves her and wants to keep her bond with her. Tearing Rosa away from Maria would punish both of them and fix nothing (unlike with Satoko, tearing Teppei away from her was for the best. She was only hesitant to do anything else out of fear and guilt... not love).

Maria has good times with Rosa, she's not always mean. At the end of EP2, Rosa came to a realization... Teppei never would have done that for Satoko. Truth be told, I was happy that somebody did something about Satoko's aunt in Higurashi too since she was pretty terrible as well (though, I still don't know how terrible she was in comparison to Teppei). It's not about gender, it's about the circumstances. You can't just compare to instances of child abuse and recommend the same solution each and every time, each case is different.
I agree completely. Teppei's treatment of Satoko was on an entirely different level. There was no hope for him to change because he had no desire to change. He didn't care about Satoko at all - she was a burden dumped onto him. Rosa DOES care about Maria, but she's definitely emotionally unstable and possibly insane. She can't control her emotions. It's not that she hates Maria (unless you believe the stuff that comes out of Maria's 9-year old angry little girl dream, which I do not), she just has terrible judgment and doesn't know enough to put her daughter before her personal life. Is that a reason to forgive her? ABSOLUTELY NOT. As I said - I despise Rosa. I'm NOT here to stick up for her and say her behaviour is excusable, but it is understandable, and she does have a chance to change things.

And Maria loves Rosa unconditionally. Satoko was just holding out because she truly believed her brother would come back if she withstood the punishment. It's not the same thing. Maria's happy ending cannot happen without Rosa, and taking her away will make Maria's life miserable too. She and Rosa both need to come together to get their happy ending, and I think it's possible, and I'd be upset if Ryukishi didn't provide us that closure. Unless it turns out that on top of everything else, Rosa is the killer, then I won't be satisfied with a happy ending that doesn't give her and Maria their happiness. Rosa's unstable, but she's not hopeless.
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