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7 out of 10 : Good 11 6.79%
6 out of 10 : Average 2 1.23%
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Old 2010-10-17, 21:16   Link #21
Hinamizawa Villager
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Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post

I mean, how many people you know who never took a sip of beer or alcohol before their 21? and how many people you know waited to have sex until 18? and how many guys you know don't have porn somewhere in hiding? Don't tell me that your parent didn't knew you have sex, beer and porn, they just didn't want to get on you ass and want to give you a little bit of freedom. And they know that those stuff don't really have bad influence on you unless you go overboard.
nice say dude

i had my first porn when i was 11 i think
bought it from my friend

and i 'm sure my mom knew about it but i think she understand that her son was in puberty
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Old 2010-10-17, 21:27   Link #22
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Great episode and the best anime of this season.
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Old 2010-10-17, 21:27   Link #23
Join Date: Apr 2010
Age: 24
Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
My favorite part is definitely the Bishojo game-like choice menu and the lines after. The whole scene make it like you're playing a visual novel game.
They should make a bonus episode where it shows what happens if he picked the other options. I bet fight dad would have lead to a terrifying bad end.(well not as bad as school days)

They must do it for otaku everywhere that must have 100% on visual novel games.
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Old 2010-10-17, 21:30   Link #24
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: USA
Age: 32
Great stuff, really great stuff. The production, animation, pretty much everything is great.
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Old 2010-10-17, 21:38   Link #25
Join Date: Jan 2009
Loved Kyousuke line "Damn it, what kind of flag is this?," quite funny to see him reference that due to the circumstances. I'm sure your going to be triggering alot more flags with your little sister Kyousuke.

Edit: Btw, this pic shown at the end of the episode, could it have been drawn by Na-Ga from Key? I think the eyes are a dead giveaway its him but correct me if I'm wrong.
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Old 2010-10-17, 21:59   Link #26
Join Date: Aug 2010
Kyousuke really earnt his man points in this ep. The way it has been portrayed it really felt these first three eps were the prologue as people have said. Looking forward to how much of the novels they will adapt.
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Old 2010-10-17, 22:01   Link #27
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
Loved this episode. I easily had an image of Tomoya yelling instead during the confrontation between Kyousuke and the father. And yes I know both Kyousuke and Tomoya had the same VA.

Favorite quote: "You know Mom's seen all my porn!" Porn, eroge game, all the same to Kyousuke lol.
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Old 2010-10-17, 22:07   Link #28
"Phenomenal" Parody God
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Age: 28
I rofl'd at at Kyousuke's "Game options" XD
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Old 2010-10-17, 22:24   Link #29
Cross Game - I need more
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Originally Posted by Decagon View Post
So yeah. If an older brother admits to his father that he is playing games where you develop illicit relations with your little sister on his little sister's computer in his little sister's room and probably while his little sister is in there too, a punch would be on the low end of the punishment spectrum.
Yeah. Pretty much.

I find myself in agreement with the father. Anime and games are one thing, but for a young girl to be playing sex games that involve seducing little sisters.

Well, that's just a little creepy, and definitely the kind of thing parents have the right to say no to.

And an older brother playing games like that.... much worse.

Still, you got to admire the big brother instinct he's got going, even if I think the better position would be for him go back to his sister and say that he convinced the father to let her keep her games and anime- but not the R-18 games.

The sister ought to be grateful for even that much considering the opposition the father has to that sort of stuff.

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Old 2010-10-17, 22:29   Link #30
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2008
"you were in your sister's room using her computer, playing a game about doing indecent things to your sister"
That part made my day.

Well, it seems pretty unbelievable that the father would actually let Kirino get away with all that.
Kyousuke must have made an awesome speech or something.

And... woah. You can unlock 99% of the CG's with just 5 saves?
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Old 2010-10-17, 22:35   Link #31
デゲソ!! ( ・_・)ノ
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Age: 28
Spoiler for Episode 3 impressions:
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Old 2010-10-17, 23:27   Link #32
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lol he even knows a flag....

Anyway that father reminds me of Gendou/Gentou or whoever that guy was in Nogizawa Haruka no Himitsu but when it comes to surveillance, Gentou/Gendou or whoever that guy is will win.
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Old 2010-10-17, 23:28   Link #33
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Location: Mt. Ordeals
W00T! Finally, some together time from Kyou and Manami. Hooray for pseudo-date at the library! And just loved their exchange in the park right before too. ^^

Still, kinda odd for me to keep hearing 'Kyou-chan' from someone other than Hanazawa's mouth. XD

But yeah, Kirino so lucky to have a big bro that unselfish. He pretty much commited seppuku in his father's eyes. She owes him BIG time.

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Old 2010-10-17, 23:33   Link #34
Join Date: Aug 2004
Age: 32
I get the feeling that his parents never respected him in the first place, so the sacrifice might be less than it seems.
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Old 2010-10-17, 23:38   Link #35
デゲソ!! ( ・_・)ノ
Join Date: Oct 2008
Age: 28
Originally Posted by Clarste View Post
I get the feeling that his parents never respected him in the first place, so the sacrifice might be less than it seems.
That's a really sad thought, considering what a respectable fellow he actually is. =(

But yeah, it's pretty obvious that he's completely eclipsed and forgotten by Kirino's shadow when it comes to family. Though if his actions this episode allowed him to gain at least a little respect from Kirino, then I guess his parents thinking even less of him won't hurt that much.
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Old 2010-10-17, 23:43   Link #36
Lange Neus
Dikke Vinger
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Groningen, Groningen
I must say I'm really impressed and awed by the father, what a man. Assuming he sees straight through kyousuke's far too obvious lie he's shown us many of the virtues a father should have: strict and practical on the outside, caring and merciful on the inside.

Admittedly he doesn't hold his son in high regard, but really kyousuke's kind lame anyway. Supporting his sister has so far been his only redeeming quality, though if I were him I'd really keep my little underage sister away from eh.. 'exotic' fetishes like siscon eroge.

That being said yay for the awesome parents!
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Old 2010-10-17, 23:48   Link #37
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Singapore
Glad I watched this and thus late for meeting with my friends
This episode was great. Kyousuke was being an awesome brother defending Kirino and lol at the part where he said those eroge was his. Although I'm inclined to believe that he really do like those eroge now due to when he's chasing after Kirino and he starts to compare them to eroge like if this was an eroge I would have found her by now
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Old 2010-10-18, 00:00   Link #38
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Philippines
Episode was great. That drama is amazing!!
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Old 2010-10-18, 00:00   Link #39
Join Date: Jan 2009
Age: 27
Originally Posted by bhl88 View Post
Anyway that father reminds me of Gendou/Gentou or whoever that guy was in Nogizawa Haruka no Himitsu but when it comes to surveillance, Gentou/Gendou or whoever that guy is will win.
Thank Tachiki Fumihiko, he's the voice you're hearing for all three father characters.

So yeah, major props to Kyousuke for the ending there. Kinda saw it coming that he'd cover for Kirino by saying the stuff was his, but that didn't make it any less ballsy. Especially with a dad like that... o__o
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Old 2010-10-18, 00:08   Link #40
Senior Member
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Age: 32
I don't care what anyone says...Manami is just Ritsu in disguise, pretending to be a sweet, plain girl. Her voice was so ridiculously cute this episode that is was unnatural.
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