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Old 2016-08-10, 09:19   Link #2341
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Where exactly did Trump advocate violence at his rallies?

And let's face it, the Democrat candidates are masters of calling the process rigged (and in actually rigging the process). Hillary's campaign is heavily focused on the so-called glass ceiling that rigs the process against women, Obama's campaign heavily focused on supposed institutional racism against blacks and how electing him would be a massive step towards unwinding it, while Sanders went on and on about how American society is rigged against the poor, though I'll give him a pass since the Democrat primaries were indeed rigged.

Personally, my line of reasoning isn't that "The media said it, so it must be wrong." It's "I will read the actual statements in full context myself and come to my own conclusion." That said, my first response to most articles about Trump is to give him the benefit of the doubt until I see his actual words, because the media is clearly favouring Hillary in this cycle.
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Originally Posted by frivolity View Post
Where exactly did Trump advocate violence at his rallies?

I cant hear anything closely related of inciting violence. But maybe the the "Triggered happy people" do.
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Old 2016-08-10, 09:27   Link #2343
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Originally Posted by frivolity View Post
Where exactly did Trump advocate violence at his rallies?
There are few instances. Google for videos.

Originally Posted by GreyZone View Post
You have to be utterly stupid to "interpret" this as a "call for assassination". It seems every single time the media has some "story" on Trump it usually begins with "Trump sends 'hidden signals' through 'code words' to radical supporters to take action..." or something along those lines.

The funny thing is that if you really take it as a call for an assassination of Hillary Clinton to "protect their right to have guns", then it makes no sense, because the way he worded it it's about what to do AFTER she appointed judges. By that time killing her wouldn't do anything anyway.

I for one understood what Trump said here originally more along the lines of "if a time comes where due to supremecourt decision the 2nd amendment disappears and public servants come to take your arms away from you, you will have the right to stand up against them" and I have to say I would definitly side with the '2nd amendment people' here, since the 2nd amendent was made as an anti-tyrant measure - actually I think it would lead to a new civil war.

In reality it seems Trump was simply refering to "2nd amendment people" lobbying for their rights even with a democrat-filled supreme court.
You start your statement with, "You have to be utterly stupid...." and then I read your posts and I agree.... "You have to be utterly stupid."

Some of you guys really need to clean up the verbiage and petty insult and just stick to your opinion.

Anyway, now that the the primaries are over, this thread is closed. New thread will be created shortly. Please carry your discussion over there.

edit: Part II of this discussion.
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