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View Poll Results: Little Busters - Episode 10 Rating
Perfect 10 3 7.89%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 6 15.79%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 12 31.58%
7 out of 10 : Good 10 26.32%
6 out of 10 : Average 4 10.53%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 3 7.89%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 0 0%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
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Old 2012-12-07, 22:05   Link #1
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Little Busters - Episode 10 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Little Busters, Episode 10.

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Old 2012-12-08, 09:13   Link #2
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At last, Mio got her official debut in this episode. But it looks weird to me since this is my first time when all of main characters got their proper introduction almost at the halfway of series. If J.C. just follow the pattern of girl of the week before including Komari's Arc and Rin episode in ep9 I won't mind much. I'm not sure whether there is reason behind this or not

Only unnecessary and annoying thing for me in this episode is Anego involved in the incident near the climax. But looks like she got more spotlight in this episode. Or maybe is this a hint that her arc will be the next one?

BTW, is it me or animation quality pattern from 7-10 is somewhat like "Bad - Good - Bad - Good". For me, episode 10 have a good drawing quality comparing to previous one even though this episode looks somewhat sleepy that might come from Mio's behavior

However, finally, next eps will be about something Little-Busters-ish like courage testing Hope they will have something else in the game too.
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Old 2012-12-08, 15:11   Link #3
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This episode sure made me unable to dig with Mio's new seiyuu. Instead of being just calm and quiet, Mio feels a bit on the absolutely void of emotion, Rei-type like.
Either way, I'm still baffled why they decided to introduce her (no, kud episode doesn't count) that lately, despite they could do that earlier with ease with simple baseball practice like this one.

Anyway, I guess they felt like full ep for every girl isn't too bad, but I still think they should have spread a bit the "flags" around so it doesn't feel like "girl of the week" episode, even moreso that since Komari's route is over, it doesn't really give an actual impression that "something changed/progressed" afterwards. For now, the pacing is quite imbalanced, but at least the "group" feeling is starting to be on track, albeit too lately.

Very minor and useless note but... wasn't Yuiko sitting on the right seat of the last row (even if it was the opposite in the VN ) in an early ep? Looks like they switched out Mio and Yuiko's, perhaps after figuring out the early mistake.
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Old 2012-12-08, 18:01   Link #4
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I'm just curious. Are many people only exaggerating or this show really that bad? I mean that I don't hear anything positive about it.
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Old 2012-12-08, 18:05   Link #5
Rising Dragon
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Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
I'm just curious. Are many people only exaggerating or this show really that bad? I mean that I don't hear anything positive about it.
I think it's fine. Not the best, with a few things I don't care for (i.e. Komari's voice), but I think a lot of the negativity comes from game-players who were disappointed that it's not 100% on par with the original game. I don't know if they're justified or not, as I haven't played it myself.
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Old 2012-12-08, 21:16   Link #6
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A more philosophical episode this time around which I enjoyed. Things are pretty slow but personally, I think some episodes are decent even if they're slow while others are just... slow.
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Old 2012-12-08, 22:36   Link #7
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Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
I'm just curious. Are many people only exaggerating or this show really that bad? I mean that I don't hear anything positive about it.
That's usually from the VN players, who have hyped this up so much in their own heads that it was literally going to be impossible to match their perceived level of hype. As someone who hasn't played the VN, it's quite a well done series.
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Old 2012-12-08, 22:56   Link #8
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I guess I'm still the minority who loves the Visual Novel and is still enjoying this adaptation. It's far from perfect, but I'd never call it bad, I'm finding it quite enjoyable.

You were a bit late Mio, but it's nice to finally have you join the party
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Old 2012-12-08, 23:03   Link #9
Join Date: Nov 2012
Mio finally joins the group and episode was pretty good
Really liked the one to one moments between Riki and Mio
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Old 2012-12-08, 23:37   Link #10
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I love how this anime uses the unused music track from the VN.
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Old 2012-12-08, 23:40   Link #11
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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
That's usually from the VN players, who have hyped this up so much in their own heads that it was literally going to be impossible to match their perceived level of hype. As someone who hasn't played the VN, it's quite a well done series.
I'm already taking a break from the anime, including posting in the anime threads, but upon checking this thread I couldn't help but notice your post.

Please, do explain to me how someone that admits to not having played the VN knows just how much the VN players are hyping the series up in their heads.

Personally the anime is fine when it comes to sound and animation...little problem here and there but hey, every anime has those and they never really bothered me.
The real problems I've found within the anime (and as far as I am aware, the same problem in the complaining VN players minds) are the radical changes to the plot and characters compared to the original source. Now, most of these are pretty much things that only VN players would notice thus why I understand fully why anime only watchers don't notice/find it to be a problem. I have noticed as well the lack of impact certain scenes have on anime watchers, like Komari's break-down scene. Comparing the reaction I've noticed from anime watchers and the reactions from the VN players (while playing the VN), the VN carried a much bigger impact with that short scene alone.

IMHO in the 10 released episodes so far the anime would get an 8 or even 9 when it comes to visual and sound transition from the VN but the plot gets a pretty solid 3.

I'm off to my Anego worshiping cave once again.
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Old 2012-12-09, 01:18   Link #12
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Seem to think they are not going into any route for a loooong time..
And they didn't use the same poem I think... (gonna replay that scene in VN)
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Old 2012-12-09, 02:23   Link #13
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Well, that was a very engaging introduction episode. It's just that it feels like it should have been earlier.

Somehow though, I suspect that the story would go into the Mio Route before long- Mio's situation is a little analogous to Komari, in that this isn't an instant recruitment.
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Old 2012-12-09, 03:58   Link #14
cho~ kakkoii
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Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
I'm just curious. Are many people only exaggerating or this show really that bad? I mean that I don't hear anything positive about it.
There is no clear cut answer. You'll have to judge for yourself after watching it. As a non-VN player, anime-only viewer, I'm pretty much blaming the direction of this series which has a trickled down effect on the quality control of animation, voice-acting, script-writing to pacing. It's a broad range of things the head-honcho (director) fail to make adjustment to probably because he is limited by his own capacity as a director. Komari's mini-arc was a testament to what I consider ails the show.
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Old 2012-12-09, 04:04   Link #15
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The umbrella girl's original voice actor is actually Kawaragi, it seems. But since she is on a pregnancy leave, they had to change her voice actor (?
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Old 2012-12-09, 04:37   Link #16
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well, so far I know that all VN players are complaining about unknown stuff...
thanks God, I don't play VN at all

oh yea! let's talk about this episode...

a girl like Mio isn't truly my favorite character... but her appearance and this episode is pretty decent and nice...
now I understand how to recruit people... thanks, Naoe Riki!
when Yui-chan mentioned she found a shy girl who can't ask about the book, my mind is calling Rin! but unfortunately it isn't her...

glad to see all members are getting along together... now, the true story started?!
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Old 2012-12-09, 05:04   Link #17
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Hmm, so our new member of the Little Busters gets formally introduced and seems to have a way for words, either by abusing definitions to prove themselves right or to prove others wrong, and then randomly go off to ramble some other possibly potentially interesting but completely irrelevant concepts. Also seems to have some kind of contempt for those high above and desires to bring them back down to earth. No, they didn't recruit me.

Anyhow Mio seems a tad more sophisticated than the group we've been used to, and I hope she can serve as the voice of reason to our rather overly zany group. If Key does anything right it'd be those shy quiet girls with a hint of depth waiting slightly below. Well, I hope there will be more to her character, though Yuiko's superb batman like investigator skills made me laugh. And why does JC staff seem to bring up everyone's ass except hers? Hmmph. Edit: Apparently they did flash it quickly.

Also, the animation was once again really spotty, but it was an enjoyable experience and Mio's character was adequately described well in a concise but fairly clear fashion. 9/10
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Old 2012-12-09, 07:56   Link #18
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i start to like nishizono alot heh

also would like to ask which OST is used during the scene where riki retrieved the ball from nishizono at the start
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Old 2012-12-09, 08:53   Link #19
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Damn, I was just trying to answer the OST question :P.

Despite Mio's new seiyuu made her voice so much of a Rei archetype, I still enjoyed her speech and interactions with Riki. Now the team is fully gathered, hope the new arc arrive soon to pick up the pace.
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Old 2012-12-09, 09:59   Link #20
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I hope it's Mio's arc would take the stage next week!
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