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Old 2018-02-17, 19:07   Link #1
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Pet Community

This post is created to share some information about our pets. I have a 6-year old handsome Pomeranian at home. Just like me, this pooch of mine is also a wanderlust, I guess the best word to describe him is “travel buddy.” We both love going to the beach, from there he will freely swim with the help of a dog vest, I, on the other hand, will keep an eye on him. It’s like I have a child to watch out for,
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Old 2018-03-01, 06:16   Link #2
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How cute. A pet really consoles you. I find pets especially dogs to be very calming. I have lots of anxiety and they immediately calm me down.
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Old 2018-03-06, 07:09   Link #3
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I don't have any pets 'cause of fur allergy but I love birds. For instance I can watch for hours on the birds . Parrots are my favorite. Sometimes they make such strange sounds. It's funny.
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Old 2018-03-08, 10:28   Link #4
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I adopted my first dog two years ago. His name is Sundae and I've been told he's a kelpie/staffy cross, but he is significantly bigger than any kelpie or staffy I've seen.

From day one Sundae was (and still is) such a well behaved boy who never peed in the house, didn't snatch things off the table, and never destroys things in the house (other than a few slippers which he quickly learned was not allowed).

But Sundae also clearly had a problem with other dogs. He would lunge towards them as far as the lead would allow, the jump around wildly and bark aggressively.

One day during a walk he slipped out of his collar, ran towards another dog and grabbed it by the neck with his teeth, pinning the other dog to the ground. I ran towards Sundae, the owner of the other dog was trying to protect her dog. I didn't know if Sundae would turn around and attack me if I intervened, but I got right in there and used my hands to pry Sundae's jaws off the other dog. I then pulled Sundae away by the scruff of his neck and struggled to put his collar back on.

After I was certain Sundae was back in my control, I offered to help the other lady and give her my contact details in case she wanted to get in touch about vet bills. But the lady declined, said her dog was ok. I pointed out my house which was just across the road from the park in case she wanted to get in touch later but she just picked up her dog and walked away (I never did hear from her again). I felt so terrible about the incident, I posted on a local Facebook group in case the lady was also a member, and I got a few replies with recommendations for a dog trainer.

I ended up seeking help from a local dog trainer who was really helpful with strategies to manage Sundae's behaviour around other dogs. She said that Sundae was "dog-reactive" and his behaviour is the result of a fear of other dogs, and he acts on that fear by barking and lunging to make the other dogs go away. She said it was unlikely that Sundae would ever be "cured" but with effort and persistence, I can reduce the severity of his reactions and raise his confidence to reduce his fear.

After around 6 months, Sundae had made a huge improvement in his behaviour. He does still flip out over other dog, but he's not as bad as before. And Sundae has managed to get along with my mum's friend's dog Capri who we often dog-sit while her owners are away.

I feel like I relate to Sundae a lot. I have social anxiety which used to be worse in the past, but over time I've learned to be less fearful around others. I hope to teach Sundae to see other dogs as potential friends, not enemies.
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Old 2018-03-17, 17:12   Link #5
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Do you have any pets? O:

Do you have any pets?
I have 3 amazing dogs and 3 adorable cats
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Old 2018-03-18, 03:11   Link #6
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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Just one. I have an adorable Russian Blue cat named Haineko.

God she's adorable. Problem is that she knows it, too.
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I have cat

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