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Old 2018-09-27, 11:51   Link #1
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A Question About Steins;Gate

In episode 11 at 00:10:33 Okabe says "Neropo" and Makise answers absentmindedly "ga". Apparently that exchange reveals knowledge about 2ch (?) culture.

What's the origin of that saying and why would someone answer "ga" upon hearing "Neropo"?

Here's the scene (400kb):
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Old 2018-09-27, 20:05   Link #2
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Nurupo ga

Here is an explanation, in Japanese

Basically, there is no real reason why this culture exists/existed. Someone wanted to call NullPointerException by an abbreviated version "NullPo/Nurupo", someone came in and slapped with (with an AA), people found it funny enough to spread.

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There is a dedicated Steins Gate Q&A thread you know.

Anyway, it's just an internet meme.
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Old 2018-09-28, 09:21   Link #4
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..and no, I didn't know about the other thread and wouldn't have searched under "Current Series" for a seven year old anime. I don't browse current stuff, since I always wait for the BDs to be released before watching anything.
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